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Magnetise Your Ideal Clients: The Essential Toolkit (updated!)

“The biggest change has been within myself. What I was doing a year ago has grown exponentially to what I’m doing now. I’m calling in my ideal client that sets my soul on fire… I’ve got a handful of amazing women that I’m working with and I’m moving online to do more of 1:many so I can work less time but give more of myself so I can actually be who I need to be to get these women I’m working with the most phenomenal results.”

Dani Strong

Vicky of the Life Empowerment Project

Hi, I’m Vicky Murgatroyd…

There’s a future version of you who has created everything you’ve ever dreamed of with your life. She doesn’t think like you do now, doesn’t feel how you do now, and she has transcended all of the stories you tell yourself that keep you small.

My objective with Life Empowerment Project is to help you close that gap – make her your reality today, so your dream life becomes inevitable.

It’s time to ignite a ripple effect of empowered entrepreneurs creating a phenomenal change in the world.

My life changed in the best ways – so massively and unexpectedly that I had to share it. I wanted to share it with people who were on a mission to share their own life’s message for the benefit of others, for one simple reason: the ripple effect.


The majority of people in this space never create their dream life despite a lot of effort. When it comes down to it, it’s for 2 main reasons: Mindset & Strategy.

With these things missing, not only do you not fulfil your potential and your vision for your life, your dream clients are left without the solutions you could have provided for them as well.

This site is dedicated to giving you all the information you need to transform both those aspects – mindset and strategy – so you can transform your business, your life, and the lives of the people you are here to work with.

You choose your future with the actions you take today.

Choose wisely…choose YOU.

10 years ago I got asked to do an interview for the BBC to talk about my therapies and I just did not have the confidence...but meeting Vicky and being on her course, she's helped me change my habits and beliefs and instilled so much confidence in myself that I have arranged a meeting with an editor who is doing a 2 page spread of my business in the magazine! I feel since meeting Vicky the Universe is looking out for me so much more. This has been the most amazing ride I have had!

Gudi Grange 

Make It Happen

Transform your business in a matter of months with our group coaching program or personalised 1:1 support and skyrocket your progress, your results and your love for what you do!

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The Awakened Entreprenuer

The ultimate mastermind to get coaches, healers and wellness practitioners in the best business state of their lives. From personal transformation (the most overlooked factor in your business success) to positioning you as the expert and increasing your clients, cash flow and time! For women seriously ready to make the big impact they know they’re here to make.

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1:1 Acceleration Program

Personalised 1:1 mentoring. For entrepreneurs ready to excel as they’ve always imagined. Your access to the group program is included, plus 12 full sessions with Life Empowerment Project founder Vicky Murgatroyd, and an entire day training together. Applicants must meet certain requirements and be ready for huge growth - you’ll get more accomplished in your business in this 3 months than most people do in 3 years.

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Magnetise Your Ideal Clients: The Essential Toolkit (updated!)

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