3 Million Dollar Mindset Hacks – for Female Entrepreneurs

3 Million Dollar Mindset Hacks

Hey guys I’m Vicky Murgatroyd from Life Empowerment Project and we’re back with this week’s blog, where we’re talking about 3 Million Dollar Mindset Hacks.

As you all know by now, we are all about mindset here. You can only scale your business so far as your mindset will allow you to. All of your doubts, fears, insecurities, your day to day thoughts, feelings, etc, are either anchoring you in your current state of dissatisfaction, or they are really elevating your status and allowing you to reach those new heights and allowing you to shatter those glass ceilings. It’s either one of two ways.

In this blog, we’ll lay out3 Million Dollar Mindset Hacks that you need to be utilising if you want it to be the latter. If you want to be breaking through those glass ceilings and hitting new heights of success.

So 3 Million Dollar Mindset Hacks:

#1. Self-talk.

We as women are notorious for being hard on ourselves, for criticising and particularly being really hard on ourselves. Now, as much as that might seem you are pushing yourself to new heights, and being…particular, shall we say, it’s really just dragging you down and limiting any progress you’re making. To be so derogatory to yourself and so hard on yourself, isn’t helping anyone. Especially you. The more you can speak to yourself as if you’d be speaking to your best friend, the more you can unlock those heights of success .You’re never going to bully yourself into being successful, you’re going to have to support yourself to being successful. Your internal dialogue needs to reflect that level of support.

#2. Visualisation.

We know this from sports people, just how effective visualisation is. But did you know what you’re really doing when you visualise, is closing the gap between how you will be and how you are now. By putting your body into that state, your unconscious mind doesn’t differentiate between a vivid visualisation and what is happening internally. When you’re visualising every single day, you put your body into that state of having success now.   It closes that gap and elevates your progress so so quickly.

Jim Carrey has some awesome visualisation, if you search on YouTube, all about writing himself cheques and visualising how his life will be, and things like that. It is a sensational tool that you need ot be utilising on a daily basis. The more you utilise visualisation, the more you’ll close that gap and have success sooner.

#3. Routine.

Have a morning routine that you kick your day off with. If you want any suggestions, simply get in touch with us and we can give you loads of suggestion about how to build your morning routine. Basically, what this does is it supercharges all of your qualities, skills, attributes, and anchors you to a state of productivity, of confidence, of getting things done, and knowing exactly where you’re going. Then you get there so much quicker. The morning routine kick-starts your day by putting you into the state that is absolutely ultimate for you to be producing the greatest results that you can. There are those days you kind of spend dilly-dallying about, and you get to the end of the day and wonder how the hell you’ve managed to waste the entire day. The morning routine is all about getting you into that peak state immediately, and making sure that every day is a fantastic day. This is a huge huge hack that is going to free up so much time for yourself as well.


A brief recap; 3 Million Dollar Mindset Hacks:

#1. Self-talk. Support yourself, don’t drag yourself down.

#2. Visualise.  Utilise all that power that your unconscious mind has, by visualising what you life will be like when you have the success you want. The more you visualise this, the more you connect with that image and the quicker it will actualise for you.

#3 and the final of the Milion Dollar Mindset Hacks. Have a routine.  Have a morning routine – something to kick-start your day and gets you into the best state of mind possible.


That has been the 3 Million Dollar Mindset Hacks from Life Empowerment Project. Utilise them! Get in contact if you need any further assistance in putting those into practice for your ultimate success.

Remember, your mindset is the key. I’ll see you next week. Enjoy your implementation!

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