3 Money Hacks That 10x My Net Worth

Hey ladies and welcome to this week’s blog. This week, I want to share with you 3 money hacks that have completely transformed my finances and allowed me to 10x my net worth.

Money, for a lot of the women I speak to week in week out, is a biiiig hang up.

A really big focal point and a really big source of stress. So I wanted to share with you part of my journey in terms of what I’ve implemented that has transformed my financial state.

I started off being fairly rocky with money – it would come in, but then it would just disappear. It would go out to all different sources – I had a lot of emotion around it, I had a lot of struggle around worth and deserving and receiving et cetera. So these hacks are specifically designed to allow you to take the emotion out of money. Because that’s the only way it’s ever going ot be handed to you in larger quantities.

The Universe is never going to hand you anything that you can’t deal with. If you’re not dealing with the money you’ve currently got, it is not going to hand you any more money! So these hacks are designed to take the emotion out, put you back in control and really allow you to build that wealth and receive openly.


Number 1 of the hacks that have transformed my financial situation:

Organise yourself!

I can’t tell you how many women I’m speaking to, whether it is in their business or their personal life, that have no organisation around their money. They don’t’ know what goes out when or where or how much goes out per month or per week. Again, if you’re not handling what you’ve got already, you’re not going to be handed any more!

Get really clear on what goes out, when it goes out, and where you’re perhaps overspending. Get clear on your bills and monthly expenditures, and keep them separate for clarity’s sake.

When you’ve got that organisation around it, all of a sudden everything becomes sequential and linear. Then the system that I use is a combination of T Harv Eker’s Secret’s Of A Millionaire Mind – I’ve mentioned this before because it’s phenomenal! – and a seminar that I did with MJB Seminars called Mastermind and Money. The system is all about having a purpose for your money. So when it comes in, you filter it to different accounts. It doesn’t just sit there in your Choice account or whatever the equivalent is for you. It’s filtered to different accounts – first of which is your investment fund. That is your ‘save’ fund – and doesn’t get touched – it’s money that will be put into making you more money.

Secondly, is your ‘fun fund’ – it’s a percentage of your income that is for you, purely for whatever you want – fun, frivolities etc.

After that comes your tax fund, then your ‘tithe’ fund – whatever weekly figure you want to give and contribute. After that comes your mortgage, your food, then whatever funds you want – personal development for me, I’ve known women who have shoe funds – whatever floats your boat! Whatever you choose, these are all separate bank accounts.

At the very bottom of that list comes your bills. This has to be the order of things – bills come last. How many times have you found that the bills get paid first, then there’s nothing left for you. When there’s a higher order of things – you being at the top of the order – then the money begins to build. There’s purpose, organisation. Having the money go into different accounts, you know what is going when – and there’s no emotion!

I can’t tell you how often I used to look at my bank account and there’d be money gone and I’d be like ‘Jesus!!’ – I didn’t know that was going then, or it was more than I expected. So much emotion around it – and again, you’re not going to be handed anything you can’t handle, so handle what you’ve got.

To master this system, first read T Harv Eker’s Secret’s Of A Millionaire Mind, then begin by splitting your income. Know what needs to go where and when, and it takes the emotion out of it. Now there’s organisation, and the money has a higher purpose, it will flow to you much more easily.


Number 2 of the hacks that have transformed my financial situation:

Treat money as if you were in a relationship with it.

I’ve done a Facebook Live about this and if you’re not on my Facebook feed yet please add me as a friend! I love to share with you guys and connect with you guys.

If your money was in a relationship with you, would it want to stay with you? Do you give it the attention and the time that it deserves or do you just push it in a corner and hope it will sort itself out whilst you look the other way? OR are you actually giving it the time, attention, love and appreciation it deserves. I’m not saying that money is everything, but the more gratitude you have for the money that you’ve got, the more love you give it, the more organisation you have around it, the better it will treat you in return.

So treat money as if you are in a relationship with it. Alternatively, treat it as if it’s your coach – it can be teaching you a lot! About where you emotions lie, around where you’ve got charges around things, and look at it through those lenses! Again, it dulls the emotion around it and allows you to handle what you’ve got and allows you to handle more as well!


Number 3 of the hacks that have transformed my financial situation:

A manifesting technique.

Now you know what is going out when, what is going out monthly for business personal etc, you can determine what you want to receive. Say for instance, if my expenditure is $5000 per month, and I know that my number that I want to draw in or I will draw in and is my non negotiable for this month will be $10,000, then I hold that number in my mind. I know where it’s going, it’s got a higher purpose, and I know what’s going to be achieved with it. Then I hold that number in my mind. Every morning when I wake up, I say thank you for the $10,000 that came into my account this month. It is the 30th of September 2016. It doesn’t matter where you are, play that in your mind. I am receiving, I am open to receive, this is the amount that I have received.

Remember, the Universe is going to respond to your energetic blueprint, so when you focus on having received that money already, it shows up in your life. When you focus on wanting the money and needing the money, the energetic blueprint reflects the wanting and needing, and all of a sudden that’s what you’re attracting. More wanting, more needing, more stress. Focus on the number you want to attract and hold it in your mind. When you wake up, before you go to bed, whenever in the day you can bring your mind back to your mantra: ‘ thank you for the receiving $10,000 this month, it is the 30th of x-month or 31st of x-month’ – hold that number in your mind and feel the gratitude as if it’s already arrived in your life.


So these are my 3 Hacks for helping you overcome that old stuff about money and build your net worth as well. They have really transformed my life, basically – really allowed me to step up and receive where I previously couldn’t:

Number 1: organise your money. Organisation is key; the higher the purpose your money has, the more you’ll receive.

Number 2: treat money as if you were in a relationship with it. Check in with it daily, give it the love and appreciation that it deserves.

Number 3: know what you want to receive and leave yourself open to it. Be grateful as if you’ve got it already and hold that number in your mind and I guarantee you’ll have a massive shift in your finances.


These are my 3 Money Hacks that have allowed me to transform my finances and literally 10x my net worth in a matter of 18 months. So massive shifts, and of course it all starts internally. It all starts with what you’re putting out there.

Utilise these, the power is in the implementation. The more you action these, the more habitual they become and the easier it will be for you to build your financial wealth.

Money can be a thing of big hang ups or it can be a vehicle that allows you to do all these amazing things you want to do in your life and contribute in the ways you want to contribute as well. Utilise it as the amazing tool that it is, build your financial worth through these hacks and let us know how you go. We’re always super keen to hear from you guys.

Thanks as always guys, and I’ll see you on next week’s blog. In the mean time, life empowered and be inspired.


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