3 Must-Follow Rules For Emerging Entrepreneurs

Hey guys and welcome to this week’s blog. I’m Vicky Murgatroyd from Life Empowerment Project. We took a week off the blog last week and want to deliver you some seriously impactful stuff as a result of that – so this week we’re kicking off with 3 Must-Follow Rules For Emerging Entrepreneurs.

I’m lucky enough with Life Empowerment Project that I get to work with women at all different stages of their entrepreneurial journey. There is never a wrong time to develop yourself so you can develop the business. And emerging entrepreneurs need that help – to instil the confidence, the mindset and everything you need to take this dream and make it reality.

So in today’s blog – 3 Must-Follow Rules For Emerging Entrepreneurs – we’re getting super specific to ensure you’ve got exactly what you need!

Rule Number 1 – Develop yourself.

There’s no sense battling to stay within your comfort zone, avoiding the things you need ot be doing. You need to be consciously working on yourself nad allowing you to be the best version of you. Never get swallowed up by your fear, because let me tell you that is going to kill your success journey and make it ten times harder than it ever needs to be.

So rule #1 – develop yourself.

Rule Number 2 – Stand on the shoulders of giants.

This is absolutely key and something that I personally didn’t put enough emphasis on when I first began in business, which is why initially my progress was somewhat slow.

As a result of standing on the shoulders of giants – being surrounded by people who were living the life that I wanted to live and creating the results for people that I wanted to create – my journey skyrocketed. It absolutely turbo-charged the results I was getting and it shrunk the time that it took to get there – purely because I was surrounded by the right people.

Jim Rohn says we become the people we spend the most time with and it’s so true. When you are surrounded by people who are game-changers, who are making massive progress with their life every single day, then you fall into that habit. You pick up on their energy, their vibe and their mentality. There’s no value you can put on standing on the shoulders of giants. Get surrounded by people who are doing what you want to do, and just learn, and be open! You’re not trying to suck the knowledge out of them, you’re there to be a part of their journey and grow!

Rule Number 1 – develop yourself, and Rule Number 2 – stand on the shoulders of giants. The second step will feed into first as well, as you learn tricks, techniques and strategies to implement in your unique way. Remember, you’re not trying to replicate their systems exactly, you’re just being in their energetic state.

Rule Number 3 – See mistakes as part of your success journey.

These are Must-Follow Rules for Emerging Entrepreneurs because they’re the things that most often trip people up.

There’s a huge failure rate within entrepreneurs because people stop going after their dream. Success does not happen overnight – you see the results of people’s years of hard work behind the scenes and think that it’s happened quickly and easily! What we don’t see is all the effort that has gone in, or all the ‘mistakes’ and ‘failures’ that have preceded their success.

If you stop at any one of your failures, you’ll never create success. BUT if you keep going and see those perceived failures as part of your success journey rather than any reflection on you, your abilities or your intelligence – see them purely as a part of that journey, then it opens your mind up, takes away that fear, and allows you to just dive in. Because when you commit with all of you, you’re going to get massive results. When you commit some of you, you’ll get some results.

When you see those mistakes as just a part of your journey, there’s no fear and no need to avoid them – because the quicker you make those mistakes, the quicker you learn from them. There’s nobody who has got to success who hasn’t made a few ‘mistakes’ and I guarantee you they’ll tell you that those mistakes were massively important for them in their journey, to ultimately set them up for success.



3 Must-Follow Rules For Emerging Entrepreneurs.

Rule Number 1: Develop yourself. You are extraordinary, naturally. You’re not trying to learn things that aren’t innately within you, but the fact is with our programming and conditioning, we’re blocked off from that magic. We’re taught to see ourselves in a certain way, or think of ourselves in a certain way – and that limits us massively. Developing yourself is your roadmap to let all that genius out.

Rule Number 2: Stand on the shoulders of giants. Get the help you need by being surrounded by the people who are doing it already! They are your mentors, they’re the people who are happy to turn around and give you a hand up and give you all the advie that you need. Stand on the shoulders of giants and there’s no value that you can put on that – it’s absolutely essential ot your journey.

Rule Number 3: See mistakes as part of your success journey. That’s going to open you up completely, take away that fear and allow you to skyrocket your success…and completely love the journey along the way – which as you know, is the whole point!

They are your 3 Must-Follow Rules For Emerging Entrepreneurs, allowing you to skyrocket your progress, love life while you do it and make massive positive impact on the world.

Hope you’ve got huge value today, please share this video if you have, and let’s get in contact with as many entrepreneurial women as possible, make that difference and allow them to step out into the world and create their dream. No more fear, no more doubt, no more holding yourself back! Follow these 3 rules and 2016 will be epic!

Thanks guys and I can’t wait to see you in next week’s blog.


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