3 Things You’re Telling Yourself That Are Standing In Your Way Of Success

Hey ladies and welcome to this week’s blog! We’re going to be going over the 3 things you’re telling yourself that are the only things standing in your way to success!

So these are 3 things that I’ve been hearing time and time again on calls that I have with women who are interested in signing up for our 8 week transformation program.

It’s unbelievable how wide this spreads across the board and how much is going under the radar. Sometimes we’re not even recognising that we’re thinking these things about ourselves! These beliefs are so deeply ingrained that they’re completely unconscious. BUT they are hugely damaging in your journey to success, in your journey to making that impact and living that massively abundant life.

Therefore…it’ about time we got them out of your way once and for all!

The first thing you’re telling yourself that is getting in your way of creating massive success…

Number 1.

“I’m not good enough”

How many times have you heard that yourself. And when somebody else says it, it’s really interesting how you can key in immediately to the fact that that isn’t true. And then when you’re saying it to yourself, how much that skill completely evades you and how much you buy into it.

I’m not good enough to do that, I don’t have the experience she does, I don’t have the money behind me that she does. I’m just not good enough in who I am ot create that. I don’t have the confidence, the belief.

Whatever it is, that all that stuff is surrounded by “I’m not good enough”.

Time to put that to bed, because if you don’t think you’re good enough, how are any of your prospects going to think you’re good enough? You have to exude that confidence that you want to inspire in others. You have to exude the confidence in yourself that you want other people to have in you, so that you can help them. So that you can change their life for the better.

Until you believe in yourself, you’re going to keep pulling yourself back down, because remember, fundamentally, we all want to prove ourselves right.

“Oh that didn’t do so well, because, you know, I’m not good enough.”


When you tune into the fact that you are absolutely good enough that you have everything that it takes, amazing things happen and your world will shift.

That shift in your thought has to come first though…as we know by now! Until then, you’re just fighting an external battle that you’re never going to win. Shift the internal, know that you’re good enough, tune into that day after day, and soon that becomes your new habit.

Number 2.

I’m not ready yet.

I’m sure you’re heard yourself say that more than once before – I’m not ready yet!

We’ve all been guilty of saying that…but what are we waiting for, really?!

I’m not ready yet?  When will you KNOW that you’re ready? When will you feel ready? When will you tune into the fact that you’re never going to be ready!

Because whenever you’re ‘ready’ to take that step, there’s another bigger step waiting for you!

When you stop waiting for that perfect moment, and you just move toward that thing that you want, amazing things happen.

Again, it’s YOU making that momentum first. There’s never going to be a time when you feel ready – there will just be the next big scary thing on the horizon. When you can commit yourself by having that belief and knowing that you are good enough, then that movement and momentum happens and you become completely unstoppable. There will never be a time when you’re completely ready – and waiting for that time is stopping you from creating success. Just do it, know that you’re good enough and commit yourself and do it!!

Number 3.

I don’t have time.

I don’t have time! One of my absolute favourites, and one I definitely used to tell myself. I was completely caught in that story! I don’t have time to do that, how do all those people do all those amazing things?! I don’t have time! But I’d find time at the end of each day to sit down and watch TV, or to scroll through social media.

When you tune in to how much time you have – you have the same hours in the day as Beyoncé – I remember seeing a meme about that ages ago and just thinking…argh, true story! Everyone has the same 24 hours, if you’re not being productive with those hours, that’s something you can shift very easily, so you can utilise every single one of the hours that you’re blessed with.

So, the 3 things you’re telling yourself that are holding you back massively, just putting up a huge wall blocking you from getting to that success no matter how much effort you are putting in.

Number 1: I’m not good enough.

Complete illusion.

Number 2: I’m not ready yet.

Complete illusion. See where I’m going with this?

Number 3: I don’t have time.

Complete illusion.

Also, 3 total mindset traps. 3 things you’re telling yourself that are stopping you from being massively successful.

Switch those, and get them out from the root – make sure you undo any of the unconscious programming around that – the things that keep you stuck, and falling back into old habits again. That is what we do in our 8 week transformation program. We completely uproot those old habits, those old beliefs and old perspectives that used to run your life, and we implant the ones that will support your massive success.

And the best thing, it’s about connecting you with that magic that’s already inside you. It’s all in there waiting for you, you just haven’t got the roadmap there so you can find it and utilise it to your full potential.

If you’re ready for a complete transformation, I’ve opened up 5 spots this week – get on the phone with us! There’s no obligation – we want to make sure you’re the right fit for the program, that you can benefit massively, and that you’re the right fit for us. We put everything into working with our clients, and we want extraordinary results for you. And as a result, we want to work with extraordinary women. You might feel a bit limited at the minute, but trust me, as soon as you start to shift those thoughts you become unstoppable, and connect with the fact that you truly truly deserve this.

So, 5 spots – click below and make sure you grab one of those spots – I can’t wait to speak with you! Let’s create that transformation, live empowered, change the world and make it an even better and brighter place to live.

As always thanks for your time, I can’t wait to connect with you guys, and I’ll see you on next week’s blog.

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