4 Letters To Overcome All Fear

Hello Ladies and welcome to this week’s blog. I’m Vicky Murgatroyd, I founded Life
Empowerment Project to help women like you who have heart-centered, amazing business that have the potential to impact the world, to make sure that that happens because you have a huge message that the world needs to hear.

So what are we talking about this week? This weeks blog I want to discuss with you four letters that changed the course of my life essentially, that can help you get over the myriad of fears that we all come up against in business and that stops the majority of us in our tracks.

The biggest reason that people give up on their business, give up on their dreams of making
what that want with their life happen is because of stagnation. They are not progressing and not getting the results that they wanted and the primary reason for people not getting the results that they want is fear. The results that you are currently creating in your business are a direct reflection of your thoughts, your feelings and therefore what actions you’re taking.

Whatever actions I have taken so far have determined where my business is at so far, determined by my thoughts and feelings. So always remember that we are pulling it back to the internal but that’s what allows us to take the action. The biggest thing that stops people from taking the action is their fear. We can dress this up in a many different ways but predominantly it’s your fear that’s holding you back from doing the things that need to be done. The biggest steps, the unfamiliar steps, the scary things that you don’t have down pat yet.

These four letters to help you overcome any fear J, F, D, I…. Just fucking do it. Now it sounds harsh, this is the fifth day of one of the challenges I have run recently and the women loved it. They loved it because it allowed them to step out of their comfort zone and actually put things in motion. Not to keep thinking about it, because the more that you sit on the sidelines and think about those things that have to be done in order to create the growth that you want, the bigger the fear gets. When you just fucking do it, the fear shrinks and you know what you get into?

Confidence, Momentum because you Actually stepped up. So I step up and do something that scares the crap out of me (which I do regularly) and “oh, I did that and it went pretty well” or “oh, I did that and I learned this for next time”.

When you actually get the momentum going you become unstoppable. Your energy is beautiful so you’re attracting the right stuff and also your mindset and your ability to know what you can handle in a reality sense, not in a “ oh I don’t think I can do that” sense, absolutely amplifies so you can take the bigger action, you attract the bigger opportunities and momentum ensues, But it has to begin with “Just fucking do it”.

Now I have shared this on another blog before but one of my earliest mentors, on of his phrases was “move faster than the speed of disbelief”. His whole analogy around that was when somebody gives you an opportunity, just raise your hand. Just jump in. just do it. Just fucking do it. It’s Absolutely essential for you to create that momentum.

That served me very well in the early days because I was always the introvert, the shy kid and I would sit back and I would think about these things and think “you know what, I’m not ready yet”. What a story. But we all tell ourselves these stories. The world is waiting for your business to boom. There are people out there, literally waiting for the solutions that you offer. Unless you just fucking do it and take the action required they are never going to get that solution. This is bigger than you are so utilize J.F.D.I every time that you come up against something that scares you. Stay connected to that big vision, the reasons why you are doing it and utilize the four letters, get into action and get you some big results.

So that’s all for today’s blog guys, if you’ve enjoyed this, please share it. If you are on YouTube please subscribe to our channel, we would love to see you there and of course, before I see you on next week’s blog, Live empowered, be inspired. Make a change, take the action.

Lets make this week extraordinary.

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