5 Essential Pillars To Get What You Want

In today’s blog what we’re going to be talking about is the 5 Essential Pillars To Get What You Want.

We all have goals in mind, particularly with the start of the financial year right now. So what I want to make sure is that you have everything in place to absolutely ensure that you smash your goals this year. Make this year the one that really counts, the one that really propels you into the future that you’ve already envisioned within your mind.

The first of the 5 essential pillars is that you have got to be sure. Unless you are completely sure on what you want, completely crystal clear on what the purpose is behind getting what you want, what your life will be like when you get it, and be sure of your motivations, of your driving forces behind what you want. Just have crystal clear clarity around what it is that you want. For instance, if you say ‘I want success’ – well define it. Be absolutely concrete in what you’re aiming for, and make it a real tangible result so you can be sure when you’ve got it, it’s not something that is going to continually be moving away from.

The second Pillar is to know WHY. Knowing why you’re doing something is the absolute crux of motivating yourself, inspiring yourself and supercharging all of your purpose, desire and drive towards getting the thing that you want. So, there’s the old saying of ‘whenever your why is big enough, the how’s and what’s will take care of themselves.’ That really is so true. When you have a big enough reason WHY you’re doing something, it really does just shrink everything down into insignificance, that isn’t helping you with your mission.

For instance, say if you’re a coach, your fear of putting yourself out there, of setting up your practice, working with people and all the feelings that that naturally brings up, if you have a big enough why, your fear simply shrinks. When you have that drive to change other people’s lives (your goal should be much more specific than this!), but just say loosely for now that your goal is to positively impact other people’s lives – now, you getting up on stage and speaking or you running a webinar or you making phone calls to set up JV Partnerships, all of a sudden becomes much less significant. As you focus on your why, it just moves you completely out of your own road. The cause that you’re working for becomes way bigger than you, and that is just massively freeing and creates a lot of inspiration for you.

The third pillar of the five today is persistence. The Steve Jobs quote goes something like ‘the real difference between successful entrepreneurs and non-successful ones is simply down to perseverance.’ You have to be prepared to put yourself out there and be knocked back. Steve Jobs himself is a great example. Having that drive and knowing your why will really help with that as well. So the third of the 5 Pillars is persistence. Really important, keep on going no matter what you think – stay connected with your why, be sure about your goals and you will be able to persist indefinitely. And success will be yours. There’s no way around it, it will be yours, and it will require persistence.

The fourth Essential Pillar to Get What You Want is to relate the goal to your unconscious mind. You have your conscious mind, and you have your unconscious mind, but it is your unconscious mind where behaviours are really driven from. It’s a much older part of your brain and developed much earlier in terms of our evolution and it works very differently form our conscious mind, which is much more logical and sequential and uses a lot more language. Your unconscious mind doesn’t really relate with language and it works much more symbolically and it is very powerful. Relating a goal to your unconscious mind – for instance, creating an image of what your life will be like when you have that goal – how will you feel? Embody all of the sensations that you’ll have. Know exactly what you’re gonna get out of achieving that goal. Relate the goal to your unconscious mind in pictures, in feelings, in sounds, in your purpose, in your why, and the goal will come to you that much easier. If you have a goal that you’re consciously driving toward – let’s say you want to quit smoking or lose weight – consciously you might want that, but unless your unconscious mind is supporting that goal, you’ll never reach it. Imagine you have an iceberg, and the very tip of this iceberg sits on top of the water, but it’s all the stuff under the surface of the water that really makes up the iceberg. This is like your conscious and unconscious mind. You need to get your unconscious mind on board for you to achieve any goal.

A really good question to ask yourself is ‘is it ok if I achieve this goal?’ – really listen to your mind and to your body and notice how you react. If there’s something throwing up a ‘no’, that’s exactly why we’ve got the box below, so you can get in contact and let’s shift those things that are preventing you! When you shift those things out of your mind, and your unconscious mind is focused on that goal, you will get it.

And finally, the fifth Essential Pillar To Get What You Want is: Go all in. No holding back, no half-arsed measures, if you want this goal, commit yourself, go all in! Make sure you make that commitment, and tell people around you as well! It’s very easy to break a commitment you’ve just made in your head, and hold yourself back. So be outward with your commitment. Social media is a great platform for you to make it public and commit yourself. Also, get people behind you, make sure you have support.

When we go kind of half-in or make a half-arsed effort it’s because we’re preparing ourselves for the possibility of failure. When you go all in, it doesn’t matter if Plan A doesn’t work, you go to Plan B – there are always ways around it. Your ideas and your methodologies will develop and evolve as you pursue this goal and as you develop the goal and the outcome that you really want. You’ve got to go all in. Really commit yourself, just do it. This is what you want, this is what you’re here to do – go all in! I guarantee that if you don’t, you will be left regretting it, wondering ‘what if’.


Let’s recap. The 5 Essential Pillars To Get What You Want are…

Be Sure. Completely and utterly sure, specific and set on your goal

Know Why. Know your driving force, your purpose, your ultimate reason for doing what you’re doing. Cannot stress how important this Essential Pillar is.

Persistence. Keep pushing, keep adapting yourself and be flexible in your behaviour. The person with the most behavioural flexibility will be the one who gets what you want. Be prepared to take on other people’s ideas, but persist. Know that you will get to your goal with persistence.

Relate It To Your Unconscious Mind. This is where your behaviours are driven from. It’s not particularly language based like your conscious mind is, so relate it. Picture what your life will look like, feel like, what will it be like? What you will get out of it, what’s your purpose and your why again. Really important.

Go All In. No holding back, throw yourself into it. What this does, is imagine you have all of your power and potentiality, and you go half in. So that leaves half of your power and potentiality to support your dream. Very simple but often overlooked. When you go all in, you have twice the power! There’s no pulling in opposite directions creating this internal tug of war and conflict – part of me wants this, but part of me thinks that – no, you’re all in. All of your resources are there at your disposal and available to you, and success is inevitable to you!

So being that it is the start of the financial year, I would love to carry on this conversation. What we’ve got today is an option for you to chuck in your details below. Let’s get into a strategy call. Get crystal clear on where you are now and where you want to go. I’d really love for you guys to remove the roadblocks that have been holding you back so you can absolutely dominate this year and be super sure that you’re gonna have the best, most successful and most enjoyable year yet, for your business and you personally as well.

Really look forward to seeing you guys and really look forward to speaking with you very soon!

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