5 Things You MUST Keep Doing…If You Want Your Business To Fail

5 Things You MUST Keep Doing If You Want Your Business Fail

Hey guys I’m Vicky Murgatroyd from Life Empoweremnt Project, and in today’s blog I’m going to give you 5 Key Things for your to keep doing…so long as you want your business to completely fail this year!

These are 5 key topics that I’m hearing week after week, from woman after woman – from almost everyone who I’m getting n the phone with. These 5 Key things that you need to stop doing now if you really want to max out on your potential for this year are super simple, but you’ll find you’re tripping over them day in day out, and as soon as you start to eradicate them one by one you’ll start to notice huge differences in your business, in your mindset and in your energy levels – everything!

So 5 Things You MUST Keep Doing If You Want Your Business To Fail.

Number 1: Continue to blame others.

Others meaning other people, and others meaning other things. This certain event made me stressed, that person doing that made me feel this.

STOP blaming others! The way you feel is entirely the way you interpret the circumstances outside of yourself. And as soon as you step into that place, you completely empower yourself.

When your’e thinking that other things are causing you to feel a certain way, you’re at the effect of those things. In reality though, you are ALWAYS at cause – you’re always the creator. And the minute you’re in that space, you make such a massive difference.

The flip side of that, is Number 2:Keep admiring others.

Just as you were blaming others, you must continue to admire others…providing you want your business to fail!

Naturally, we’ll have people that we look up to. THAT is the key here – you’re putting them on the pedestal, and so unconsciously you’re noticing something within them that you feel you don’t have. It might be that you don’t feel you don’t have it yet, but regardless, you fele that you don’t have it – and that’s why you’re admiring that in someone else.

IF you can recognise that in someone else, it is purely because it already exists within you. You already have it! It’s just a matter of trusting yourself – trusting that it will come out, it will emerge, so long as you continue along YOUR journey!

So if you want your business to fail, ontinue to blame others, and continue to admire others! Two key factors.

Now onto Number 3 – one of my favourite things for you to keep doing so long as you want your business to fail!

You MUST bully yourself!

I want you to really start tuning into htat voie in your head. I’ve said this in another blog, a while ago now, I want you to imagine that instead of the thoughts all going on within your mind, imagine that they’re being broadcast out of a megaphone. So everyone can hear the way you’re speaking ot yourself! Because I guarantee, you wouldn’t speak to anyone else in the same tone, or in the same meanness as you speak to yourself! Be aware! Bullying yourself is not going to get you anywhere. You have to learn to be your own best friend and support yoruslef throughout this journey. This is one of the most fundamental things for you to put into place that will elevate your progress really quickly.

Number 4: You must continue, if you want your business to fail, to discount your worth.

Absolutely key here. A lot of times particularly when we’re starting out in business, we’ll feel that discounting is a great way to get people on board. NO!

STOP now. One of the best shifts you will make is to stop discounting your value, becuase that’s’ exactly what you’re doing – you’re not discounting your prices – somebody doesn’t feel like thye’re getting a great deal, they feel like they’re getting a sub-par service or product. And I KNOW your product or service isn’t sub-par, but that’s the message you put out there. STOP discounting your value. Put the extraordinary prices on what you do, because it’s an extraordinary thing you’re putting out there. People will find more value in your service because they’re paying more. You could buy a cheap coaching package for example, and people could buy into that online package for say $200, and never even touch it. They haven’t got the value of it! Think of everything that happens as an exchange. So long as your product or service they feel is valuable enough, people want to exchange any amount of money for that VALUE. STop discounting yoru value, because the message you’er putting out there is that you’re not worth it – and you’re telling yourself the same thing!

And finally, Number 5: Continue to sacrifice EVERYTHING, providing you want your business to fail.

I don’t know if this is especially common in women, but I see it a LOT so I’m going to put it out there that potentially…this is especially applicable to women. We sacrifice everything! Everything that comes in, YOU just get pushed further down that pile of priorities of importance until you’re smack bang at the bottom, until you’ve got nothing left to give.

I saw an awesome image of Facebook the other day – the picture was an empty cup and the caption read ‘you must fill yourself first or you’ll have nothing to give’. Perfect, perfect example!

Stop sacrificing yourself, you’re worth so much more than that! The better you are in yourself, the more looked after, etc – the better service you’ll give, the more value you’ll provide to your customers, because you simply have more to give!

Also, that ties in with this – we go like bulls in china shops, because we think we just have to keep charging forward, keep on putting in massive effort. But sometimes, taking a step back and really assessing how you can work smarter instead of harder, how you can systemise things and start to put processes in place and put time restrictions on when you’re going to work. There’s nothing admirable about going into work at 7 in the morning and not leaving until 10pm – you are worth way more than that! As soon as you start respecting your time, and you stop discounting because you know how valuable your time really is, it shows YOU what you’re worth – and you start projecting that outwards, instead of projecting that you will do anything instead of look after yourself!!

So they’ve been your 5 Key Shifts – let’s recap briefly:

Number 1: Continue to blame other people – blame anyone but yourself ofr the way you’re feeling, the way you’re reacting. Continue to blame others.

Number 2: Admire others. Put them on a pedestal, unconsciously tell yourself that they have something you don’t.

Number 3: Bully yourself! Keep on bullying yourself into the corner, thinking somehow you’re going ot be able to be mean enough to yourself that you’ll actually get a result. It’s not worked so far – stop it now!

Number 4: Keep discounting your value – keep telling people and yourself that you’re not wroth exactly what you really are worth. Just keep on discounting yoru value if you want your business to fail.

Number 5: Keep sacrificing everything. Just keep sacrificing everything – your itme, your space, your finances, etc…until you’ve got nothing left to give and you can no longer provide that awesome thing that you were made to bring to this world!

Of course we want 2016 to be a huge year for you! I’m super excited to see what all of you come up with, and I’ve had some fantastic ocnversations this year and awesome email feedback from women who I haven’t even managed to chat with yet!

So this week I’m opening up 5 new slots in my calendar to have 5 phone calls with some extraordinary women. This is a strategy call – I want to know how we can get you out of your head, away from worry, overwhelm, anxiety, sleepless nights ETC, and into complete control, empowerment and knowing that you have everything that it takes!

We’re going to undo that past programming that has kept you trapped and small until now and get you into another extraordinary year ahead. I can’t wait to speak to you guys as always – thank youfor your incredible inspiration that I get from you guys each and every week. Keep sending your emails, keep getting in touch and I’ll catch you next week!!

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