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In This 7 Day Challenge You'll learn:

  • Supercharge Your Self-Esteem & Self-Belief (so the Universe knows it can rely on you, and hands you more wealth, happiness & opportunity)
  • You'll Implement A Special System Where Time For You Creates HOURS More Time In Your Day
  • You'll Uncover Why Your Childhood Fun Unlocks The Door To Your Ultimate Life Now
  • You'll Install SURE-FIRE CERTAINTY That Lets You OWN Being The Boss
  • Obliterate Overwhelm For Good So You're Always In Control
  • You'll Connect With Your Deepest Mission For Unwavering Inspiration And Motivation
  • Finally Recognise YOU Have Everything It Takes To Be A HUGE SUCCESS

Day By Day Breakdown

  • Day 1: Supercharge your confidence and self-belief by recognising your unique talents and potential
  • Day 2: Stop waiting and have everything you want NOW
  • Day 3: Create a killer morning routine so you can ignite inspiration daily, making more progress in less time - meaning bigger results and more time for you!
  • Day 4: Connecting with the ONE thing that will guarantee you manifest results effortlessly and feel amazing daily
  • Day 5: Unlocking childhood magic that increases your presence, connection and fulfilment
  • Day 6: You'll finally realise you have everything it takes already, so you can stop the fight/push/chase and reap the rewards of every effort in no time at all!
  • Day 7: Get inspired, get clarity around your mission and make creating it an inevitability

You'll also get this Undeniable Bonus:

  • A FREE 45 Minute Strategy Session 1-2-1 With Me, To Ensure Your Changes Stick for Life - Usually $440

What Previous Challengers Have To Say...

Crystal Angwin

Crystal is the owner of Transform You, based in Adelaide.

Angela Graham

Angela is the owner of Blossom 101 in Perth.

Rebecca Hallam

Rebecca is the owner of Life In Action Exercise Physiology in Melbourne

Deb Harman

Deb is the owner of Ultimate Life Shift in Melbourne.

Who Is Vicky Murgatroyd?

Vicky's inspiration for what she does comes from her own journey, as is so often the case.  She was an inspired newly qualified practitioner so excited about helping people change their lives, with absolutely no clue about business, how to grow, scale or create the impact she envisioned.

She fought her way to some big results, but it was just that - a fight.  A totally draining, time-consuming, and inauthentic path that was nowhere near sustainable.

So she found a better way - a way that energises her, allows her to grow and be present and enjoy life while she creates even bigger results.

And Life Empowerment Project is testament to that; 18 months in and thriving with phenomenal clients and amazing turnover. Now, Vicky shows other women the way out of that same space she found herself trapped in - and the way into freedom, inspiration, impact, success, abundance and a massively happy life.

"A Great Wake Up Call"

I found the 7 day challenge a great wake up call to get out of my own way and start focusing on what I can achieve. Vicky was lovely and very giving of her time. The posts each day really reflected what I needed to do in order to overcome my own emotions. I really appreciated what I got from the week. Thank you Vicky.

- Julie Crouch

"I Can Move My Business Forward Now With Confidence"

"Thanks for your help with the 7 Day Take Your Life Back Challenge, it was awesome!! It was empowering and the content was interactive which kept me interested and made the challenge enjoyable. I can move my business forward now with confidence that I can do it! Thanks so much Vicky."

- Sonya Murphy, Typeskill


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