7 Simple Steps: Overcome Unwanted Behaviours & Habits

In today’s video, we’re running through the exact steps you can take  at home today, to overcome unwanted patterns of behaviour and negative habits that have been holding you back.  Kiss limitations goodbye, and empower your experience of life both personally and professionally.


Begin in any situation by grounding yourself in the present moment. The problem at the minute is that you have these unconsciously driven patterns of behaviour that run on auto-pilot. So you’ll be in a situation and this reaction will come up, and it’s totally unrepresentative of who you are today and it creates undesirable results for you too. Say for instance you’re losing your temper at work, and this may be the result of stress or whatever but what I want to teach you is that you are in charge. That’s what today’s steps are all about – putting you back in the drivers seat so you can take control and creating the results for you that you know you can have – that you know you deserve.

So ground yourself in the present moment. Become completely aware of what is going on. Your troubles and your fears and worries, they only exist in the past and the future. Be present. Be mindful of your body and your mind, and everything that is going on there. So becoming completely grounded in the present moment is your first step to success.

Notice what feelings are present next. This is absolutely key, and oftentimes this is something that you might have not put much thought into before. Notice what specifically you’re feeling. You might say, oh I’m feeling anger – but what is anger to you?

What sensations do you experience? Is it in your belly, or somewhere else? Is it heavy or light? Moving or still? Hot or cold?

Becoming specific like this will break the bond that you have with that feeling – so it is no longer in charge of you, you are completely aware and as a result of that awareness, you are back in control! When we say words like anger, frustration, overwhelm, anxiety – it’s such a limiting term – so what do you actually mean by that? What sensations are present? Emotion is an embodied experience – I feel angry, I feel overwhelmed. I don’t think those things, I feel them. Where specifically do you feel it? Notice all the components that make up those feelings, notice everything about it, and all of a sudden they lose their power and you are in control again. This mindfulness brings you right into the present moment, where these behaviours that used to control you, no longer exist.

So the next step is to notice your internal voice – what is going on within your mind? Notice the pitch, the tone etc, everything that is going on with that internal voice. The way we talk to ourselves is massive – it creates huge results with what you’re experiencing from the world. Often we’ll speak to ourselves in a way that we’d never talk to anyone else! Which is terrible – you’re going to be spending more time with yourself than anyone else in the world, so may as well make friends with yourself! So notice the words themselves, as well as the pitch, the tone, the speed of the voice. And notice how those things shift when you’re feeling uplifted, encouraged, confident, down, moody, etc! Play around with the tone, pitch, speed of your internal voice and notice what results you get – you’ll be surprised how powerful it is!

Next step is to understand what is triggering that reaction. Nothing in the outside world can influence you without your say-so. It’s a difficult head space to get into, but when you really step into that, you are limitless ! Nothing in the world has innate meaning, we are the meaning makers. When someone gives you a certain look or says a certain thing, it’s meaningless until we interpret it! Until we filter it through our systems and determine what it means to us. Those things are what we would see as triggering us in the past, but now we can just see open choice. Rather than looking down a really narrow path, with this perspective you can open up infinite options! When you’ve got choice, you’re free! You’ve got happiness and flexibility and you really know you’re the one in charge. So notice what is triggering you. Notice everything that is internal and external about that behaviour. Again, you’re taking what is unconscious, and bringing it to your conscious awareness. When you notice all these facets, all these intricate details that make up that behaviour, that is when you can easily change it – rather than seeing it as one huge unstoppable process, break it down!

Notice the positive intention behind the behaviour. Believe it or not, there is always a positive intention behind any behaviour. It can often get lost in translation as the behaviour is usually learned in the past and has just continued into the future naturally. What that can often mean is that it is no longer serving that positive intention. But your unconscious mind will hold onto that behaviour until something better comes along. So its’ all about recognising the positive behaviour, so you can almost create a short circuit – create the positive results, without any of the unwanted habit or behaviour. Really awesome for putting you back in the driver’s seat.

Slow down! Essentially, this is what this is all about. Slow down and notice everything that is going on around you. You’ll be surprised how much your mind can take in when you just slow down and open it up in this way. You put the power back in your hands to stop re-activating old behaviours that are no longer working for you, and to respond instead as who you are today. When you do that, you are fully representing you and your amazingness and staying connected with all the resources you possess! When you’re running old behaviour patterns, you’re just going down a set route, but when you open your mind up to new possibilities, your experience will be enhanced in every way.

So this has just been a brief run-through. There’s a checklist below for you to download that will remind you of each step, so you can really maximise on every one of them. You can take charge. It’s a great idea to have a read through the download in advance: be aware of what habits or behaviours you would like to change, and almost run it through in your mind as a practice. Then when you come to the event, your mind has already run through it, it’s already got these new possibilities lined up – you’re prepped in advance! You’re loosening the grip that those old habits and behaviours used to have on you, so you can just be free to be who you are today, the best version of you.

These are going to get you amazing results in both your professional and personal life, and as always the power is in the implementation. It’s all about taking the action to make the difference for you – step into your potential and be your true self.

I’d love you guys to give this a share if you’ve found it helpful, and help reach as many women as possible so we can take this message as far as possible.   Thanks for your time as always and happy implementing!


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