I work with coaches, healers, wellness practitioners, fitness professionals and facilitators to help them create more impact and influence, more time and more cash flow.

You have a tremendous gift in what you do.

But that doesn’t necessarily translate into business skills, nor ‘how to be a woman in business’ skills either!

Vicky of The Life Empowerment Project

The journey of creating the impact you’re here to make and building a phenomenal business is going to not only create a hell of a lot of growth in you, it’s going to demand it. Sometimes those demands seem too much, or things aren’t changing or happening quick enough, and unfortunately that’s what leads so many tremendously talented women to give up on their business before it hits even an iota of its potential. There is rejection, fear, the desire to hide away, overwhelm, stress, worry and the constant occupation of your mind (and soul!) that all play a huge part in that, which is why I focus so strongly on the personal growth that’s going to be required.

There’s a woman who is living your dream life – running your dream business, making huge impact, serving hundreds of phenomenal clients who light her up – in the future.

The difference is that she doesn’t think like you do, she doesn’t feel like you do and she doesn’t make decisions like you do – she’s transcended all of that and that is a beautiful part of the journey. BUT it doesn’t need to be lengthy, lonely or scary – especially when you go through the transformation with others and with support and guidance. The tools I teach have utterly transformed my life – from emigrating to Australia to start my dream business then finding the enormous challenges that came through the business and my personal life too requiring yet another epic amount of growth within myself. 

The first conversation that we had got me immediate results, both mindset wise in an intangible way but also in a tangible way. Shortly after that first conversation I was able to get sales up again and systems in place and start strategically looking at my specific roadblocks and problems that were holding me back in business.

Emma O'Sullivan

Now I have tools that keep me on track, inspired, excited and being the leader I want to be, and because I’m in that amazing space, my business flows and has flourished – from being just a concept several years ago, to being in 1:1 practice in a health centre earning under $20,000 per year for many many hours whilst I also worked in a restaurant to secure my mortgage, to now running a multiple six-figure business serving hundreds of amazing clients that totally fulfils and energises me.

And now I want to help you do the same…but you’re not my only focus.  Why I love helping coaches, healers, wellness practitioners, educators, facilitators and speakers is simple – the ripple effect.   Your expertise, your knowledge, your story and your amazing energy has the potential to change the world, one amazing client (or groups of!) at a time.  Because when they embody what you’re teaching, they share that with others just by being around them.  And so the ripple continues.  I know how profoundly my shift has influenced the people in my life, and the potential of who you can influence and impact is limitless.

Vicky of the Life Empowerment Project

But in order to do so, you have to be the example of everything you teach, and you have to have the platform to reach those people who need to hear it!

That’s why in everything I teach – in both my paid programs and all the free content I put out there – there is a strong mindset component (I can’t put into words how incredibly important this is!!), and also a lot about visibility, being seen and heard, and the specifics of how to get yourself out there, build authority and have amazing clients queuing at your door!

One of the biggest areas I have seen enormous shifts for me has been around money. Obviously I’m earning more money because I’m implementing really good business processes…but where I’m really feeling a big change is my attitude toward money and how I feel about money.

I’m not just doing 1:1, I’m teaching to groups now…I’m filling out those groups every time AND I’ve got a waitlist!

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