Affirmations vs Incantations: Supercharge Your Success

The popularity of affirmations has risen exponentially as people begin to really appreciate how much control they possess over their circumstances and life.

Every feeling or action begins with a thought, and since it’s you controlling your thoughts, you have a great deal of power to choose how you experience your life.

So here is a brief breakdown of how to utilise incantations to immediately supercharge your mood, capabilities and self-belief…

Affirmations are a great way to start re-wiring your thought patterns so you can create better results for yourself, and we’ll talk about supercharging those affirmations into incantations so you get great results, even faster!

To ‘affirm’ means that you are declaring something to be true. An affirmation is when you repeat a phrase to yourself, embedding it into your mind, until you believe it is true. Great examples are ‘I am confident’, ‘I am successful’, ‘I am worthy of everything I want in life and I will achieve it.’

Incantations are like supercharged affirmations. When saying an incantation, the key is to get in tune with the emotional charge of what you are saying.

Say it with intensity and conviction and as though you believe it as much as you believe the sun will rise tomorrow. Embody what you are saying. If you’re affirming that you have the courage to achieve all of your goals, stand like you have the courage, breathe like you have the courage, experience your muscle tension like you have the courage.  Get into a peak state – be what you are saying!

By embodying the physical state of what you are saying, you begin to train your neurology in the state of the incantation – it makes it real to your mind, by ‘speaking its language’. It becomes easier and more natural for you to feel courageous, for instance.

The more we practice a certain state, the better we become at eliciting it on cue. However, a lot of the time that practice is not conscious practice – think about how many times you’ve ‘practiced’ your old reactions, of fear or self-doubt for example. That reaction becomes so embedded within your nervous system due to the repetition, that you don’t even have to think about it any more, it’s as though it happens by itself! So now you’re taking control of your reactions, you are consciously re-programming your mind and neurology for more positive emotions and experiences.

Affirmations work solely on the level of the conscious mind, and by adding the emotional state to turn your affirmations into incantations, the unconscious mind becomes involved too. It is your unconscious mind that drives behaviours, so working directly with the unconscious is a great way to get fantastic results, fast.

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