Are You Valuing Other People’s Opinions Above Your Own?

Are You Valuing Other Peoples Opinions Above Your Own?

Hey guys I’m Vicky Murgatroyd from Life Empowerment Project, and welcome to this week’s blog!

I have a very simple question for you in this week’s blog, and that is – are you valuing other people’s opinions above your own?

For the majority of you, the answer is absolutely yes!

We do this unconscious almost, we allow ourselves to sway from what we believe, because we don’t have the clarity and self-assurance to stand in that power and own that space. But let me tell you, if you want to be a successful business woman, you have to have that congruence, that surety in yourself for you to move forward and create that absolutely amazing destiny you’re here to create.

We can be swayed by different people, at different times, for different things. And that’s purely because we’re not sure in ourselves what we want and where we stand, and that even when we do, we’re concerned by how that might ‘make us look’ to other people.

For instance, I might perceive that if I do this specific action, then that person will think badly of me. Or they won’t want to do business with me, if I behave like that. Or if I tell them that I won’t work with them anymore because they’re messing my time around – my most precious resource – then they’ll give me a bad name.

All these things do is pull you back from standing in your own power, and being the business woman you were born to be. Because when you don’t have the confidence and clarity, then you don’t inspire that in others.

When you’re allowing people to put their opinion, or your perception of their opinion, on your life – if you’re not valuing yourself, your opinion and your stance, why the hell would anyone else?!

You have to have the strength, courage and absolute certainty to stand in your own opinion, and in your values, and be comfortable doing that! But in order to do that, you have to know what you stand for – get clear on what you value, what works for you, what you boundaries are and where you are willing to compromise.

Because I’m not saying be rigid and never compromise, but I’m absolutely saying be sure, strong and certain in your values so your opinion will never be swayed when you don’t choose it! You’ll never be brushed off your path by anyone else ever again.

This was a really huge learning when I went through it, and it’s a huge learning for all my clients as well. What it comes down to, at the absolute base level, is self-worth.

You have to know deep within you, that you are spectacular, that you are everything that you could ever need to create that success!

Just as I mentioned in last week’s blog, that’s the space you NEED to be operating from all the time! And when you’re operating from that certainty, then nobody will sway your opinion. You will be absolutely sure and comfortable to stand in your own worth, knowing you’re the greatest authority to make YOUR decisions!

If you’re having trouble standing in your own worth, get in contact! Grab one of the 5 FREE Strategy Sessions we’ve made available this week by going over to the opt-in in the sidebar of this page, and make sure you get that worth back!

Until you’re operating from a place of complete self-worth and self-knowing, everything’s an uphill battle!

It’s time now for you to trust yourself, stand in your own power, and you’ll progress hugely as a result of doing that. And I promise you, this one shift in your mindset, to trust yourself, value you above everything else, will change your entire life – and you’ll soon have cash flowing toward you as a result! One of my coaches once told me, a person’s net worth will never exceed their self-worth. Time to step into that space of recognising that you are extraordinary, and own that!

It’s been a pleasure ladies, and I can’t wait to catch some of you on the call. Thank you as always for your time, I LOVE connecting with you guys. Please get in contact, make the change and LIVE EMPOWERED!

See you next week.

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