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Want a flow of clients coming to you each and every week? 

After talking to thousands of women, we identified one big difference between the ones whose businesses were growing and attracting new clients every week, and the ones that were just stalled. 

And surprise surprise, it wasn’t anything to do with how hard they were working!

The biggest difference between growing businesses and stuck ones is the deep understanding of who they’re wanting to attract as clients, and the knowledge of how to apply this properly.

Until you get that right, it doesn’t matter if you’re throwing money at marketing, it’s not going to get you the results you want. 

But when you do get it right... cheaper leads, and higher quality leads: people coming to your business super eager to work with YOU - regardless of price. 

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Vicky Murgatroyd

Who Is Vicky Murgatroyd?

Vicky's inspiration for what she does comes from her own journey, as is so often the case.

She was an inspired newly qualified practitioner so excited about helping people change their lives, with absolutely no clue about business, how to grow, scale or create the impact she envisioned.

The niching process was one she found particularly hard, and once that was mastered, the new challenge came in attracting those soul-mate clients who she would love to work with, and attracting them in abundance.

But it was worth the effort - and many errors along the way - to finally be where she is now: serving hundreds of phenomenal women who truly 'get it' and who make Life Empowerment Project such a huge success with the work they do.

Since the trial and errors, Vicky created a simplified system to connect you to your ideal clients in a way that would have them queuing at your door - a combination of mindset, marketing and repetition that allows people to attract the right clients for them and change their lives...and that's exactly what she's sharing here. 

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