Do Not Set Another Goal Without This Formula

Hey guys, I’m Vicky Murgatroyd from Life Empowerment Project, and welcome to 2016! A very happy new year to you all, and in true new year fashion, let’s get straight on into it.

What everyone is focused on at the minute, is goal setting. What will you achieve this year, where are you going, what are you pushing yourself to do? So I want ot help you out, with THE formula that you need, that you should never set another goal without.

This one formula is going to ensure that you never have another year where you hit December and you feel that panic and you realise that you’ve missed out on so many of your goals despite all the hours, blood, sweat and tears that you’ve been putting in.

So let’s get into it.

THE formula you need, that will ensure you reach every goal that you set.

There are 5 steps to this formula.

Step 1: Set the goal.

You set the goal, then you write it down. I’ve gone through this in detail in another blog – you must write your goals down. Once you’ve set the goal and you’ve written it down, then you go onto step 2.

Step 2 of the 5 step formula that you need in order to hit all your goals:

Step 2: Know WHY.

This is another point that I’ve hit in other blogs, but we’re going to solidify it all together now, to make sure you have all you need so you ensure you not only hit your goals, but you actually exceed them – and you have an amazing time whilst you do it!

So number 1, was set your goal and write it down. Step 2, you must know why.

If you want to earn $200,000 this year, WHY? What’s the purpose for it? Unless you have a solid purpose, you’ll find your goals crumble away very quickly, it’s easy to let them slide. But when you have a strong driver, a driving force, the why behind the goal, you’ve got so much more momentum and enthusiasm and inspiration that is going to take you beyond your expectation and to smashing those goals.

Step 3: Remove those roadblocks.

This is a step that is so often missed out when we are setting our goals. Let’s use the $200,000 example, because cash is an easy thing to work with – so if you want to bring in $200,000 this year, what could possibly stand in your way of achieving that. If you want to take on more staff in your business, what could possibly stand in your way of achieving that.

I want you to think, of course, because you’re here at Life Empowerment Project, think mindset. What in your mind could stop you from earning $200,000 this year. A lot of my stuff that used to come up was around beliefs around money that I held. You’ve got to dig deep. Look into how your parents were, around the goals that you’re setting. Look at where you’ve learned your behaviours and beliefs from.

For instance, both my parents are employees; they have always been employees and never had their own business. I’ve never been in the situation, or seen it done, where I could determine my own income, to the extent that I can now. Getting over that was a very big thing for me. Each one of you will have something different, but you must identify your own roadblocks. There will be certain decisions, certain emotions. If you think ‘I really want to get up on stage this year and I want to speak in front of 10,000 people’ – but as you say it, your stomach drops out and you go pale in the face…that is a huge roadblock for you! Clearing that will see you actualizing that goal so much quicker.

Step 4: Visualise having your goal.

Visualise achieving it, visualise being there, visualise your bank account, what your company looks like at the end of the year. You might visualise being absolutely thrilled every morning when you’re getting up to go to work. Anything that you want, you must be visualising it.

That leads me straight in to the fifth and final step of the formula you need if you want to achieve these goals.

Step 5: FEEL like you’ve already achieved it.

We’re starting to understand more and more about the fact that we’re spiritual beings having a human existence. We have vibrational frequencies – all our thoughts and feelings set those vibrational frequencies. The only thing separating you from the woman who has already achieved those goals is your vibrational frequency. She doesn’t have your doubts, or any of your emotional stuff in her way – she is feeling in a certain way, and that is her vibration. When you start to match that vibration, and start to feel every day like you have already achieved that goal, you’re shortening that time frame that is going to take to create that goal happening in your life.

Literally, this is THE key to manifesting, that so many things just skip over – and that’s why so many people find themselves falling short. You must feel it!!

Do not set another goal without this formula!

We are going to make this year the best that you’ve ever had. So we’re going to get more into the ‘perpetual chase’ next week, so I hope you tune in for the blog and I really look forward to seeing you guys, where you can learn how you can stop chasing and start having now.

Welcome to 2016 guys, I’m thrilled to have you here and thank you very much for all of your support throughout the previous year and I look forward to a huge year ahead.

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