How I Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway

Hello beautiful ladies, and welcome to this week’s blog. I’m Vicky Murgatroyd from Life Empowerment Project, and this week I wanted to connect a little deeper and share my personal story of overcoming fear.

I used to define myself as someone who was very fearful and I’d back away from most challenges that would force me to get out of my comfort zone. And therefore, I wasn’t creating consistent growth and I was constantly frustrated with myself.

So I wanted to share a little bit about my rituals and such like, that help me to feel the fear and do it anyway.


Firstly, and one of the most important things that I learned very early on in my journey that has served me exceptionally well…you’re always going to feel fear! Always!

You can have connection to that of how you overcome it but if you’re not feeling fear it’s probably because you’re not growing. And I know, because you’re tuning in now, that you’re growth oriented! I know it’s a big thing for you to overcome that fear, and I know how much you have to give as a result!

It’s exactly where I’ve come from and it’s exactly where I’d love to see you go as well!


Step 1 of How I Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway

A daily ritual

A daily ritual where it’s the first thing I do every single day and it really gets me in state. I listen to music, I project to times I’ve been particularly grateful for, felt a lot of love and certainty and a lot of confidence, then I project outward and reaffirm to myself those things and those reasons why I’m doing it – what are the outcomes going to be, what kind of life am I leading, who am I helping, and how many people am I helping.

That becomes ingrained in your mind, in your body, spirit and vibrational frequency, and it becomes easy to step into that peak state. When you’re in peak state, you don’t back down from fear.

However, when you’re in a weakened state, and you’re in protection and desperation, that fear can seem overwhelming. When you connect daily with the reasons why you’re doing it – that’s massive, and the fear is tiny! All of a sudden it becomes much more manageable.


Step 2 of How I Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway

I get conscious of what it is that I feel fear around.


I’m very good, and we all are, at validating my own excuses.

“Yep, that sounds reasonable, I’m just not ready to do that yet, it’s not the fitting time to do that in my business…”

You’re scared! And that’s ok. But the minute you get conscious, is the minute you take that control back. All of a sudden, you’re aware of what has to be done, and because you know that’s something that’s scaring you, you also know that is going to create growth for you.

Connect into those things that really scare you. One of the things that I did – because I was very scared of being on video – and very scared in particular of sharing on my personal Facebook feed. I had friends from years ago, and people who used to be in my life that I don’t talk to much anymore, but for some reason I was very bothered about their opinion! But when I realised that was something I was really avoiding, I did a 30 day challenge where I put a video up every single day on my Facebook feed. I just went for it, and suddenly, it became easy for me to do those things. I built a new habit, and it doesn’t create fear in me anymore.

Get conscious of the things that scare you, and challenge yourself to be the person who steps up and makes that happen. Because remember, there’s a version of you in the future who is living your dream life, who is already there – she has transcended your thinking, your feeling, your habits and your patterns, and that is why she has created something different in her life. When you short circuit that by facing the things that are creating fear in you – you shortcut that journey and live that life much quicker than if you’d continue to avoid those things!

Become conscious of the things that create fear for you, grab them with both hands and do it anyway – because you can!

One of the biggest tips that I have in order to really create that momentum in terms of doing the things that scare you…is just to feel it. It’s not real, it’s not going to ‘get’ you or hurt you – nothing’s going to happen. It’s just a feeling. And when you connect with that, you connect with where the feeling is in your body, and how your breathing is different and your posture is different, all of a sudden you’re back in control. Those feelings lesson – you control how you’re breathing again, which changes your state, and you take those reins back. When you know that it’s just a feeling it doesn’t have that power over you. Again, the fear goes from being a huge thing, to a manageable thing.

You’re going to have to face those fears at some point, so you can face it while it’s massive or you can face it when you’ve shrunk it down and you’ve taken control! It’s just a sensation! Fear doesn’t happen to you, you are doing the process that creates fear!


Step 3 of How I Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway


When you identify yourself as somebody who faces their fears and just does it anyway, the action will flow. Remember, your identity is one of the strongest things, so you can affirm in your daily ritual that you’ll do every morning now: you face your fears; you step up and do it anyway.

One of my favourite mantras in my morning ritual is that people need me to step up. It takes me out of myself and back into my purpose and goal and power state, rather than being stuck in this rhetoric that ‘I’m scared’!

People need me to step up, and people need you to step up. Whatever industry you’re in, people are relying on you – and that is an amazing power to have! Because, again, it gives you all that support from around you, instead of it being just you alone facing this big fear.


They are my tips for feeling the fear and doing it anyway – what has really worked for me, is having a daily ritual that puts me into my peak state, it’s choosing to know what is creating fear in me and choosing to do it – getting conscious and just avoiding them and backing away, choose to be the persona who faces those fears. Connect with the fact that fear is something you do, not something that happens to you and it puts the control back in your hands. Again, when you’re connecting to the why every single day who you’re going to help, how your life is going to be…again, the fear shrinks, the vision is bigger, and you’re more connected to the vision than to the fear, and the action will come much more easily and naturally.’

But please do not think you’re going to get to a stage where there is no fear! There is always going to be some level of trepidation, and life would be boring without it!

So they are my tips of what has worked for me, to feel the fear and do it anyway. I genuinely hope that these steps are an asset to your life as well. This work has completely transformed my life an what I’m able to achieve and who I’m able to spend my time with, and it is phenomenal – and I want the same for you as well!

I hope this has helped and I can’t wait to see you in next week’s blog. In the mean time, if you’re struggling with these concepts, please get in touch. Click below, book in for a call with us, we will get connected first on a short call, and if we’re the right fit we can talk about getting you into the 12 week transformation, and making that huge shift for you that is just unstoppable. You become the master of your fear, the master of your emotion so you can utilise that amazing feminine space to propel you in the most amazing way to live that life that you dream about.

Again, it’s been a pleasure, and I love having you tune in each week – I cannot wait to see you on next week’s blog. In the mean time, live empowered and be inspired.

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