How To Attract Your Ideal Clients

Hey guys I’m Vicky Murgatroyd from Life Empowerment Project, and today’s blog is going to be a brief overview of how you can start attracting the clients you really desire. This came about from an awesome question from a new client of ours – she said she was sick and tired of getting these really low value but really hard work clients.

This client was getting very little return for the massive effort she was putting in. So I just wanted to show you guys, so you can get some great value and start turning your business around too.

As always, as you know me by now, it’s always coming back to mindset. It’s all about your mindset.

First of all, you need to be really really focused on who it is that you want to attract – into your business, and into your life. I want you to get so super-specific that you will know his or her name. I want you to have a name of your ideal client, have an idea of what they do for fun, how do they live – are they a home owner or a renter – do they have a family or are they single? I want you to know all the details of your ideal client.

Think of one or two clients that you’ve really enjoyed working with. What is it about them that has sparked such a good response from you? That way, whenever you’re working with that type of client, because the more focused you are, that’s exactly what you’ll attract – but whenever you’re working with that specific type of client, your energy exchange will be totally different. Instead of putting out alllll this energy, for just a little bit of financial reward, the energy exchange is much better. The finances will start to flow to you, and you’ll really really enjoy your job. That puts you in a better state, a better vibrational energy and starts to move you into complete flow.

The final piece to this puzzle: I want you to start to visualise what it’s like when you are working continually with those kinds of clients – all you’re doing is attracting high-paying, high quality clients to you, and I want you to connect with how you’ll feel when you’re doing that. When there’s great energy exchange, money is flowing in, and you’re really enjoying your work. Do you feel confident, do you feel unstoppable, proud, relaxed, energised? Whatever it is, hone right in on exactly how you’ll feel when you’re the woman working with those clients. And simply, step into that now. Start being that woman NOW! Do it in advance of anything external – because you being that woman now will automatically attract those ideal clients to you.

Remember for the macro universe to give to the micro person, the micro person needs to be really focused.

So to recap, focus on who you ideal client is, what they do, what they’re like, and why you like working with them so much. And then, focus on how YOU’LL feel when you’re working with that type of clients. Whatever it is, step into that emotional state – that state of being – NOW! That state of being will attract those clients to you easily and effortlessly. It’s a small shift in your mindset that creates a massive shift in your external world.

I’d love to carry on the conversation here guys. Let us know exactly how you get on with this. If you need any more pointers, I’m more than happy to open up some 15minute slots to give you massive value in a short amount of time. At the bottom of this page on Life Empowerment Project, there will be an opt-in so you can grab a free 15minute strategy session with me, and start to implement these things and make a massive difference for yourself now. I promise you, shift that internal world and your external world will become anything you want it to be.

Thanks for your time today guys and I really look forward to seeing you in the next video. Take care.


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