How Your ‘Internal Blueprint’ Is Reflected Back To You

Hello guys and a huge welcome to this week’s blog – I’m Vicky Murgatroyd from Life Empowerment Project, and I’m here to answer you one simple but profound question that will change the way you look at your life and your business from now on.

This question came about from a brand new client, someone who had just committed to our 8 week transformation program, Master Your Emotions. She is super excited and she had one fantastic question for me that I thought was so good that I wanted to share it. So I hopped on this blog, off the cuff, to share it with you guys.


The question was… How Do I Know My Internal Blueprint Is Being Reflected Back To Me?

I was explaining to her in our first one-to-one session, that whatever her beliefs are around money, business, client attraction, around the lifestyle she wants to create – that is what she’ll find.

Her response:

So how do I know that my internal blueprint is what is being reflected, how do I know it’s not what’s external to me, that I’m then interpreting? How do I know that that’s not just how it is, and I’m just responding to that. How do I know that I’m the one in control?

Fantastic questions.

Very simply…when you change your mindset, and you change those beliefs, that she’s already experiencing, the world changes around you. How much time and effort and energy do we waste trying to change the outside world? We try to make things different out there, whereas when we draw our attention inward, change your beliefs, focus and goals, and change the way you think and talk to yourself – EVEYRTHING changes. Everything!

The external things that you thought were so stuck, so certain, so ‘just as they are’ – like I used to – things just change. Immediately – just like that!

It really is just one glimpse into how amazingly powerful you are.

I‘ve experienced it, and now I get to sow my clients that as well and it’s absolutely phenomenal.

So, how do you know your external blueprint is being reflected back to you?

Sit quietly, spend a few minutes to an hour – get committed to this. Write down all of your beliefs about yourself and about the world. Do you believe money is hard to come by? Do you believe it takes time to build a successful business? Do you believe success comes at the price of a social life, of your family…of whatever else? Get in tune with what is going on for you, and write it down.

So many of our beliefs are formed at such a young age that we never even conscious of them as adults – we just look at it as ‘that’s how the world is.’

That is NOT how the world is, that’s how your mind is! Whatever’s in your mind, will be reflected, because as human beings, we go out of our way to prove ourselves right.

If you believe money is easy to come by, and there’s an endless supply of it, and you can have money and freedom – then that’s exactly what you’ll get!

If, on the other hand, that there’s a limited supply of money, that it’s really hard to come by, that everything’s always just enough – there’s never that surplus – then that’s exactly what you’ll find too. You’re guaranteed when you realise what’s been going on and tune into those beleifs that used to be unconscious, you bring them to your conscious awareness and all of a sudden start to realise that’s exactly what you’ve been programmed for – thhat’s why you’re finding it in your day-to-day life.

That’s exactly what we do in the 8 Week Transformation Program – we re-wire all that stuff. That stuff that has bene holding you back. The only difference between you and someone who is extraordinarily successfulk, is their thought patterns – their thinking – all supports their success, their freedom, and supports them creating the life that they want with no other option whatsoever. Until you get that mindset, everything will keep being an uphill battle.

And you don’t deserve that!

You deserve to be able to create that dream life – to be able to enjoy your life as you create success and be able to live this one opportunity we get to be on planet earth to the absolute maximum and love every single second of it!

If you are one of the ones who is ready to step up – we have a brand new launch coming up. 28th March will be the group kick off – we’ve changed some of the content, gone back in and injected our new learnings and new discoveries into this transformation program. How you can change your mindset t ochange your entire world and until you change your mindset, that world doesn’t change.

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How do you know your internal blueprint is being reflected back to you in the world?

Look inward, discover what’s going on for you – your belief, values, perspectives on the world, and notice how everything has been being reflected back to you for years!

Now you’re conscious of it – now is your chance to make the change.

Awesome question from an awesome client – we’d love to hear from you guys and make some awesome impact in your life.

Comment below, get in touch, and keep the conversation going.

Always a pleasure guys, hope you’ve got massive value out of this blog and if you have, please share it. We want to get this message out there create this revolution for business women to put them back in control so they can impact the world and make it an even better place to live.

As always, thank you for your time – I can’t wait to see you on next week’s blog and even sooner when we get on the phone together!

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