If You’re Not Happy Now, Success Won’t Make You Happy

Hey guys and welcome to this week’s blog. I’m Vicky Murgatroyd from Life Empowerment Project and this week I wanted to share with you something that a client brought to my attention.

It’s so common in the way that we think now, and it’s hugely valuable to share to really help your success journey be the happiest it can be.

She said to me “when I get to that level of success, then I’ll feel happy and satisfied.”

I want to flip that on its head for you, make sure you’ve got what you need NOW and know that the inside comes before the outside.

We live in the age of advertising – in the age of ‘you need this, this and this’ and THAT will make you feel happy, satisfied, strong, connected, loveable, etc!

We are so programmed in that mentality and so conditioned in it, that we believe it’s the truth!

So many of us operate from that space and wonder why we’re never quite satisfied or why we never feel truly happy or secure or fulfilled, because we’ve got it the wrong way round.

But that’s the programming that we’ve been handed, that we’ve been taught and had drilled into us.

So I want to flip that on its head and give you some huge value today – because this message is going to be the most fundamentally important thing you ever implement in your business and in your life.

Most of us live in this world of the perpetual treadmill – always chasing this dream, chasing this happiness, chasing this success…because that is what will make us feel whole and fulfilled. Now let me tell you, you were born whole, you were born completely in the present moment, and in that present moment, that you can still access today, is real happiness. And within that, resides everything that you want.

I’ve talked about this before, when we feel certain emotions, it emits a vibrational frequency. You’ve heard people say that so-and-so has ‘really good vibes’, it’s something we pick up on innately but we’ve become very shut down to it, as again, we’re programmed to concentrate on the external.  What that external thing can do to make me feel something.

BUT it’s only your interpretation of that external thing – and the way it’s been presented to you in the ‘market’ – that makes you feel like it’s going to give you something – specifically, an emotional response.

So let’s shortcut that journey to success now and make sure that you’ve got those tools.

The one thing that you need to create a successful life, is to be in tune with you.

It’s to be in tune with the way you’re feeling, and be in control of that. See most people, they let their mind run them. You need to be running your mind, and that will create the results.

Sometimes you can wake up and there’s just thoughts pin-balling around and it never stops as your thoughts bounce from one to another as you have thoughts on top of thoughts! And we continue our entire day like that, forgetting that YOU are in charge! You determine the way that you feel. And you being in control of that, which is what it’s all about here, and message that I just have to bring to the world, is that when you control that, you control THIS – everything around you shifts when you determine your state of being and determine how you show up each and everyday – and I can’t stress to you enough, that THAT is where your freedom lies and I can’t stress that enough! That is your true success.

I’ve worked with a lot of women who have been financially extremely successful, so why do they want to come work with me? Because they’re not satisfied with the money that they’re earning, it’s never enough.

They have plenty of money and they’re still not satisfied. They weren’t satisfied before, so why would simply having money make them feel satisfied?!

There’s a huge message for you in there – satisfaction comes from within – it’s inside-out! If I had to pick between one and the other – satisfaction, love, happiness vs. money – it’s a no brainer! You would absolutely go with those feelings!

You can live a rich life – cash rich – and be miserable!

You feeling successful now, raises your vibration. And that attracts to you the kind of life you want, the people you want around you who enhance your journey instead of taking away from it. You being happy now and being in control of the way you show up every single day, that’s your key to success – and happy success at that! That’s the only key you’ll ever need.

Remember, success is a term defined by you. Your success may look different from my success, or Mary’s success! Your success is yours – and the more in tune with that you are, the more power you have to determine what you create around you. So, stop letting your mind run you, take control and recognise that you create the world around you, by running your mind! By being in charge and conscious and awakened, by getting enlightened and in touch with yourself, that is true success!

Forget the 6-figure, the 7-figure, that chase that keeps you on that perpetual treadmill where you shift the goalposts before you even get there, pull it back! Turn your attention inward, because that’s where all of your dreams reside.


Let’s recap:

If you’re not happy now, success and financial reward won’t make you happy!

You determine how you show up, and how you show up determines what you create in your day, in your month in your year in your life. You’re in control, and the minute you take those reins is the minute the whole world opens up around you, that’s where your freedom lies and your liberation lies.

Turn your attention inward, and you’ll find every single answer that you’ll ever need.

If you’re struggling with this and you don’t feel like you’ve got the tools and techniques to implement this fully – because I promise you, this will be one of the best shifts you ever make – then please get on a strategy call with us.

Apply for your spot, and when I’ve made sure we‘re the right fit, I’ll give you an hour of my time to make sure you get those strategies in place and make that change!

Let’s make it happen – no more waiting, you deserve it now! Step up, grab your strategy session and I would love to help you make that shift and make it really quickly.

Thanks for your time today as always guys it’s been a pleasure and I can’t wait to see you on next week’s blog.

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