How to Instantly Improve Your Mood, Anytime Anywhere

How awesome would it be if you could improve your mood as quickly as clicking your fingers and as easily as saying your ABCs?

The trick is to utilise the best tool for the job…your body.  By moving your body and altering your posture, you can instantaneously change your biochemistry and improve your mood.  Watch below to find how to make this work for you:

How can you instantly improve your mood?  By maximising on your physiology…

Problem so far is you’re hitting a bit of a ceiling with the results you’re getting.  You’re finding the same behaviour patterns and mood swings can snap in out of nowhere and leave you with no control and feeling worse than crappy.

You know in theory how to push yourself beyond and how to experience new heights of positive emotions, but it’s not quite translating through to easy natural application.  So we’re going to talk about how to maximise on your physiology to instantly shift your mood.

There’s certain physiologies that match certain moods, feelings and emotions.  There are certain ways we hold our body, that produce specific reactions within us and enhance certain emotions and sensations.  There’s a physiology that goes with the state of depression.  You’ll have your head down, your eyes down, your shoulders will roll forwards and there will be very little muscle tension within your body.  With the position of your head and eyes, there’s a great explanation.  There are certain internal cues you’re accessing with your eyes when you move them in certain directions.  When your eyes are up, you’re accessing your visual cortex – ever asked someone where they left their keys, for instance?  Their eyes will likely roam upwards as they search for the answer – they are eliciting an image of where they last saw them!  When your eyes are down, you’re accessing different things within yourself.  Down the the left, you’re likely listening to your internal dialogue, and down to the right you’re accessing the kinaesthetic, so your feelings and physical sensations.  So when a depressed person has their head down, they are usually accessing their internal dialogue, which is likely repeating negative spiel, and accessing their emotions, which are also negative.  You’ll never see a person in a state of depression walking around with their head back, eyes up, with loads of muscle tension throughout their own body.  The physiology simply doesn’t allow for that state of depression.

Start noticing HOW people are feeling.  Providing you can do this subtly, walk behind someone and completely match their body language and the way they are walking.  This will allow you to quickly access how they are feeling – give it a go and experience it yourself! There is so much information out there for you to access from people when you know how!

So if you’re feeling really stressed and down one day at work, hop out of your chair and change your physiology.  Stand in the ‘Superman’ pose, with your shoulders back, arms out and tension in your muscles, and look upward.  Shake your body out and experiment until you know precisely what works for you.  The instant you change your physiology, you change your biochemistry and you change your mood and perceptions.

You have all these resources at your disposal, but when you’re in a bad mood you’re shutting yourself off from them.  All being in a bad mood is, is being in an UNRESOURCEFUL state.

Leading with your physiology is such a powerful tool because it allows you to create instantaneous change.  And that’s what it’s all about.  Master your state, master your emotions – so you never have to be stuck in that space of feeling negative, down or unmotivated.  You can change it immediately!


The massive benefits of this are:

– Speed.  You can instantaneously improve your mood and your mindset.

Control.  This embeds in your unconscious mind how much control you have over your mood and emotions.  Your unconscious mind will take this on board and you’ll find yourself snapping into the best version of you with more and more ease.

– It Works!  Talking yourself out of a bad mood or negative emotional state can be difficult.  With that mood comes lowered motivation, and less than encouraging self-talk.  By going straight to the physical element, you override that and create bigger, better and faster results!


Remember, as always…the power is in the implementation!  Learn, immediately implement and experience endless benefits as you master your emotions and master your mind.

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