Is Your Story Ruining Your Business?

Hey ladies, I’m Vicky Murgatroyd from Life Empowerment Project, and on today’s blog I want to discuss with you a really key matter.

Is your business being affected, negatively, by your story?

Once again, this is something that has come about from a conversation that I had with a long term client who has really come to the realisation of just how much has shifted since she’s begun working on herself.

As I’ve said so many times, you are the creator of your reality.

When you tune YOU up, your whole reality gets tuned up. You have the entire world in your hands, the complete control and power.

Back to where we started – is your business suffering from your story? Our story is something we tell ourselves about our lives and about ourselves – something we either ‘are’ or ‘are not’. I might truly believe that I am a failure, or I’m not worth it, I’m not clever enough, I don’t have enough money, etc. They’re the ‘don’ts’ and on the flip side, I might tell myself what I am: everything I touch turns to crap, everyone around me does better than I do – I might tell myself all these different myriad of things.

What I want you to understand is that that is all just story. We get so caught up in connecting our behaviours to who we are. Your behaviours are something that have been developed over time, and let me tell you – every single one of those behaviours is for your protection, for a positive intention for you.   When you get down to that, seeing the connection between the behaviours you’re carrying out and the purpose that behaviour is serving, you become the master of your reality once again. You’re able to fulfil the purpose and the benefit of the behaviours without actually carrying that behaviour out.

This separates you from your story really effectively.

So your story is just the things you think about yourself and the things you tell yourself. The negative things you tell yourself and truly believe. There are parts of ourselves, guaranteed, that we don’t love, or even like. And that has to stop. You are a phenomenal woman, you are absolutely incredible. The fact that your conscious occupies this lump of flesh, gets it to move around and achieve these things…is just superb! It’s amazing! But we forget all that, we get caught up in our story and tell ourselves I’m this, I’m that, or I’m not this and I’ll never be that, etc. It’s all just surface stuff. So what I’m imploring you to do today is to go deeper. Really consider who you are at the deepest level. Escape the stories. There’s nothing on this earth you can’t learn to do. That is one of the founding pillars of NLP – it’s a process of ‘modelling’: learning how it’s done.

When you want to learn a skill or an attribute, you have more to model than just the process of doing it. For instance, you could model Mark Zuckerberg’s process of being super successful and creating massive wealth, but if you don’t hold his core beliefs, core values and core perspectives, you’ll never create what he’s created. Do you appreciate that? So it’s all about getting in contact with who you are, why you do what you do, and getting into that deeper level.

Dissociate yourself from that story you’ve always told yourself, because you are entirely limitless. The only limits that you have are self-imposed. They could have been adopted from someone, interpreted from something that was once said, or learned as a child, but you can choose to escape that completely. It’s massively important that you know that, and that you separate yourself from your story you’ve been telling yourself. Because you are extraordinary. The minute you step into that space, the minute you embody that – you’ll attract bigger better clients, more revenue, more happiness, more peace, more…everything that you want!

But first, you have to separate yourself from your story.

I’ve mentioned in a few blogs recently about self-worth – separating yourself from your story is a massive boost to your self-worth. You recognise that you’re not those things. People say ‘I’m an angry person’ or ‘I’m an anxious person’, but they are just behaviours that you carry out.

Get in contact with who you really are: your core values, core beliefs, your core drivers – and completely transcend that story you used to tell yourself.   Open yourself up to new, bigger, better, brighter experiences. But divorce yourself from that story, because you are extraordinary.

If you need an affirmation to carry you through this week knowing that, simply look in the mirror every day and stand as if you’re extraordinary, feel that you’re extraordinary, and say out loud:

“I am extraordinary.”

FEEL it as you say it!

You might have had slip ups, mistakes, whatever, but these are all the things that get you to where you are. You were born extraordinary, you’ll die extraordinary, you’ll be extraordinary throughout your entire life.   Whether you choose to recognise that, step into that space of being extraordinary and divorce your story…well that’s up to you.

I really implore you, step into that space. Start getting accustomed to feeling like that and believing in yourself and having that complete and utter value on yourself. And notice your results! As soon as you divorce yourself from your story, you’ll be achieving bigger better things, attracting bigger and better things to you, and living the life that you truly deserve.

I hope this has been helpful today, and I really look forward to seeing you in the next video. Take care guys!


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