My Number One Tip To Taking Back Your Power

Hello guys I’m Vicky Murgatroyd from Life Empowerment Project and welcome to this week’s blog.  This week I want to share with you my number one tip for taking your power back.  Now this is going to sound like a big promise, but in the hundreds and hundreds of women that I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to, this is the thing that makes the difference to whether your fulfil your potential and you really step up and step out with your business, or whether you just slip away into mediocrity and you know that I know you deserve more than mediocrity.  That’s exactly why I want to share this with you today.



So my number one tip for taking your power back is the key to your success and that is very simply personal responsibility.  Even feels heavy when you say it, it even feels too much to some people to even think about and that is the most unfortunate thing.  If you’ve been with Life Empowerment Project for a while you’ll know that this is one of my key teachings, but if you haven’t, then here it is again.

So most of us, we think we’re watching a movie, we think is this movie playing out around us, but what’s actually going on is the projector is in the back of our head.  All of our thoughts, all of our feelings, all of our decisions, they are creating the world around us, the power is fully yours and the more that you slip away from that, is the slip into mediocrity.  So the counter balance to that is taking back your personal responsibility.  Knowing that, to invoke Chuck Swindoll here, life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you react.  Stop fucking denying that you are extraordinarily powerful, that you can do absolutely anything, that you can change your world.  Ninety percent how you react to it is what determines your world, is what determines your results.  That’s how much personal responsibility you have to change your perceptions, to change your world, to change your results.  It’s absolutely huge.  So where it comes in in terms of the women I get to speak to, and I really want you to get this.  When I first started out in coaching, I had no idea about business.  I was really good at coaching and I was really good at getting those results and it lit me up and I love it and I absolutely love it to this day, but I had no clue about business.  So I went out and I found somebody who did, who could mentor me, who could teach me, who could embed his knowledge into me so I could then help more people.  That, in my opinion, is my responsibility.  What I learned, what I experienced changed my life in so many ways and then I wanted to share it with other people.  But I had no idea how to get that platform.  So I learned.  However, I didn’t have much money at the time, things had gone wrong with family and I just wasn’t in the greatest place.  But how I reacted to that has no determined where I am, coz you know your actions are the very thing that’s going to create your results and where you’re at and where you can get to in your life.  That is your personal responsibility.

With the women that I get to speak to, how I see that echoed and really reflected back to me is that it’s never the money, it’s never the circumstances, it’s never never whether they can afford it, whether they have the time.  It’s never anything to do with that, it’s how much personal responsibility they are going to take.  I’ve had women get into the program who are in horrible financial situations, who are single mums, but who are so incredibly dedicated to their vision that they make it happen.  And I love that, it’s amazing and the growth they have because of that is phenomenal.  And I’ve also had people who blame their circumstances and just look around them for all the reasons why they shouldn’t do it and why they can’t do it and why they won’t do it and it’s literally just you see that spark in them that just disappears, just dies.  You have absolute power and it’s time for you to take it back.  What you can create with your life and what you can create with your business is phenomenal and your number one secret to making that happen is your personal responsivity.  Take your power back.  Ten percent of what happens to you and ninety percent of how you react.  Absolute power is in your hands.  Doesn’t matter what happens to you it’s absolutely your choices that are going to determine what happens to you, because if you fall down seven times, get back up eight.  Choice is yours, take your power back and that’s going to be the difference maker, whether you create that dream that you really want or whether it slips through your fingers.  Absolutely power is in your hands and I absolutely implore you to step up and to make it happen.  Stop giving your power to the events around you, to things that happening; take those as challenges and allow your reactions, your responses to be the thing that grows you into the person who is going to create your dream life and your dream business and make all that impact that you are here to make.

So passionate rant for today’s blog but  I truly believe and I truly know with every woman that I get to speak to, with every woman who I interact with, in and out of the business.  You have massive power, but until you start recognizing that you can’t act on it so implore you this week take that power back, see what you can make and see what changes in your life when you know that ninety percent of your power resides in how you react to situations around you.

So have fun, I’ll see you in next week’s blog, in the meantime live empowered and be inspired.


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