No.1 Thing Business Women Ignore

Hey guys I’m Vicky Murgatroyd from Life Empowerment Project. Today I want to introduce you very quickly to the No.1 Thing Business Women Ignore, across the board, even beyond just businesswomen into women as a whole, but the No.1 Thing Business Women Ignore that is absolutely draining the life out of their business.

This comes about as a general observation. Not only from the women who I get to work with on the Master Your Emotions program, but also generally – it’s something I’m seeing more and more: it’s almost as if we’re programmed to carry out this behaviour and ignore this essential thing. But the thing is, that’s the exact thing that needs to be given all of your attention really!

So the No.1 Thing that Business Women Ignore…is themselves! It’s YOU!

You are the absolute pinnacle of everything around you – and you need to be number one in your business, certainly, but also in your life as a whole.

Some of you will have children. Then you’ll definitely resonate with this! Our tendency is to sacrifice for those children and to put yourself and your needs below them. And below your partner. And below your business. Until eventually, you really don’t even factor in anymore!

I’m here to tell you how damaging that is to everything in your life – to your kids, partner, business…to your whole life! It’s damaging. What you’re putting out there is that you don’t deserve it, is that you aren’t worth it. And if that’s what you’re showing the Universe that, why would the Universe call upon you to do great and amazing things? To push beyond boundaries and live this extraordinary life, if you don’t believe and know to your absolute core, that you’re worth it?

It wouldn’t!

But again, it’s one of those things, we’re taught not to put ourselves first, don’t blow your own trumpet, whatever. But the thing is, you’re incredibly worth it!

You putting you first will not only massively increase your success with your business and improve your relationships with your clients, it will enormously improve your relationship with yourself. As I always say, that is the most important thing! The better the relationship you have with yourself, the more value you put on yourself, the more you’ll be sent all those things you’ve been dreaming about.

But you HAVE to come first.

This is the No.1 Thing Business Women Ignore, across the board that is draining the life out of their business. You have to be number one. Pure and simple. Not after your kids, your partner or your business. You have to be number one.

The most important thing you can do is to start building up that value and worth within yourself. If when you’re super successful, you want to meet your partner for coffee every day before you guys go home for the day, then start doing it now – do it once a week. Set these things into motion, show yourself and the Universe that you value you! That is what will change absolutely everything.

I’ve had a lot of women go through my challenge. The 7 Day Take Your Life Back Challenge. This is all about putting YOU back in your business. As I’ve said, you are the pinnacle. You are the most important thing. Your emotional state and your state of mind is what creates everything. Your revenue, your success OR you being stuck. You are completely in control.

The more you can put you back in your business and place that value on you, the greater things will happen for you, guaranteed.

So as I began saying, we’ve got the Challenge in a completely new format. We’re going to do it by email, so each and every one of the 7 days, you’ll get an email to your inbox with a new lesson, and a new implementation task. As I’ve said countless times to you before, the power is in the implementation, action is what makes the difference.

For each of the 7 Days, there will be a video lesson. We keep them brief as we really respect how precious your time is, so spend some on you…I absolutely implore you! It is essential, and it will completely 180 your experience of life and the success of your business. It will just skyrocket it, guaranteed.

Go ahead if you’re feeling brave, sign up for the challenge below, and you’ll get an email immediately with the details of how the challenge will work. It will introduce you with your first day and you can get started right away. This is slightly different from how we were running the challenge before, so even if you guys have already partaken in the Challenge, I’d love to see you go for it again. IT’s the same lessons, the same structure, just different in it’s delivery to you.

I want you to access this immediately and get the massive benefits. As I said, you need to be No.1! You are the most important thing in the world.

The centre of the Universe exists within your frontal lobe, when you start to put you back in your life as No.1, your reality that you’re creating completely shifts. It allows you to step up to that next level.

I really hope you guys are really enthusiastic and inspired and ready to get on with the challenge, I’d love to see you there. I’d love to provide this value for you. The shifts that we’ve had from clients that have been through this before is fantastic, and I’m always seeing things pop up from them on Facebook and the success that they’re having is awesome.

So remember, the No.1 Thing Business Women Ignore that’s absolutely draining the life out of your business…is you!

You built this business, YOU are number one, so hop on board our challenge, put YOU back in your business, and I can’t wait to see your results.

For now, take care and I’ll be seeing you as the 7 Days continue!

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