One Super Simple Secret To Becoming A World-Class Entrepreneur

Hey guys and welcome to this week’s blog – I’m Vicky Murgatroyd, founder of Life Empowerment Project, and this week I want to tell you the one secret, the single thing that you can change now that will guarantee that you will become a world class entrepreneur.

Today’s tip is highly underrated, but absolutely the key if you want to take your business, your life, your self etc to the next level and to remain there permanently.

One simple thing that you can shift now – I promised it was simple – follow though.

Do the things you say you’re going to do. It’s as simple as that.

That is what separates the world class from the people you’ve never heard about. They set themselves a target and they make it happen. They put the action in, implement, and if it doesn’t get them what they want they reset the course and continue going after that goal.

One of the fundamental things that we implement in the Master Your Emotions program, which is our 8 week transformation program, is we do our Success Elevators for that week. They are you 3-5 steps you’re going to take in your business for that week that will allow you to create change within your business .This is to get rid of the general overload that we do when we have a list as long as our arm and we get over-faced by it before we’ve even begun. So you focus on those 3-5 steps ,and know if you only get those done and nothing else you’ve still made massive progress.

Set your 3-5 steps, and complete them. Literally that’s all it takes. Set what you’re going to do, follow through and complete it. Every single one of you can relate that you’ve been at a seminar or an event or a webinar and at some point you’ve heard something that’s absolute gold and you think that is amazing! I’m going to do that, that is going to change my life! …then you fast forward…. And it hasn’t been done.

When you implement the things you say you’re going to implement, things change.

The power is always in the implementation, and it comes down to building that habit in the first stages.  To build that new habit it’s going to require conscious attention first.

Get yourself set by selling yourself on WHY you’re doing those tasks: what difference it’s going to make and the end result that it’s going to create for you.  That makes it desirable and the action has a purpose, and therefore is easier for you to actually complete! When you say you’re going to do something, follow through and do it. That is the trait of the most well-known, world-class entrepreneurs. They set themselves a task and they do it. It doesn’t matter if it becomes difficult, or tedious, they set themselves a task and they do it.

The contrary to this is flogging a dead horse. There is no point in beating on an idea that is clearly finished with and going nowhere. That is a skill in itself to know when enough is enough, but for this all I want you focused on is setting yourself those tasks – these might be your daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly goals…and follow through. Make them happen. Then you become the person that makes things happen – you take on that identity!

For you, you might always tell yourself you’re a procrastinator. That’s one of the things I hear from people a lot – I’m a procrastinator. But if you keep repeating to yourself that you’re a procrastinator!! If I sat back and told myself daily that I’m a procrastinator, I’d suddenly start procrastinating! But if you start telling yourself you’re a world-class entrepreneur, you follow through, whatever you set yourself you always do it…look at that! The external will always reflect the internal, so lead with that. That’s your power right there. Set yourself the task, and follow through. Be the person who does that. Do whatever it takes and make that happen, and you’re guaranteed to take things to a new level and really enjoy it in the process. That is always the key!


The one super simple secret to becoming a world-class entrepreneur, do the things you say you’re going to do. Follow through and allow that to become your identity. Be a ‘doer’ and not a ‘gonna’!

You’ll be bowling over tasks that you used to think were way too big, way too scary and way too hard, and you’ll take your business to the next level. Build that as your new habit and you’ll be going places fast!

Thank you as always for tuning in for this week’s blog, it’s much appreciated and I can’t wait to see you next week for even more tips and tricks about how you can become a leader in your field, and love the journey while you do so. In the mean time, live empowered and be inspired!




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