Day 1: Rock Videos For Your Business

"What videos will do for your business & different types of videos for you to rock!"

Lesson Description

DAY 1: TYPES OF VIDEOS, is all about getting you fully connected to what video can do for your business. The clear connection to why you want to commit yourself to creating epic video content is hugely important in ensuring you overcome any fears you may have and take all the necessary and consistent action.

Secondly, and the main focus of today's lesson, is unveiling the different types of videos so you can start to create a variety of content and get connected with your audience in a whole new way and attract heaps more people to you and your business.

Types of video:

  • Live video - social media - Facebook, Instagram, even YouTube
  • Face-to-camera video (pre-recorded) - could be used for social media or blogs or trainings for your clients
  • Documentary-style video - someone following you with a camera
  • Creative/Viral video



We also do frequent lives in the Facebook group where we can create an epic conversation in a more private environment. We'll be doing one of these on Friday to bring the challenge to a close and to make sure you superstars have all the answers you need so you can continue to create amazing videos and grow your business!

Make sure you're there: 1.30pm Friday 2nd February AWST (that's 3.30pm QLD/4.30pm NSW & VIC)



For the best examples of this type of video, see Gary Vaynerchuk, Marie Forleo's 'Unplugged' series, and Kerwin Rae.

Creative/Viral Videos:

For more examples of creative/viral videos, see Prince Ea or type Inspirational/Motivational videos into YouTube!

Steps to take:

  • Watch today's video and take notes on what video can do for your business and the different types of videos you can utilise
  • Record an introductory video of you and your business and post it into the group (or even better, go Live in the group to do your introduction!)
  • If you're not already part of the group, click the image below to join so you can participate in each day's video posting and activities - remember, there is a prize up for grabs for the best participant - a tripod, green screens and light boxes so you can set up your own home studio on us!

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