Day 2: Rock Videos For Your Business

"Never-ending Content Ideas"

Lesson Description

DAY 2: CONTENT CREATION, is designed to help you determine exactly what your niche would love to watch and what would build you an epic following of people who would be eager to work with you.  From there, you'll fill out your content planner so you have your next month of video ideas mapped out and overcome most people's biggest block of 'what can I talk about' in no time!


  • Content Planner: Day 2 Workbook
    Content Planner: Day 2 Workbook

    Download this to your computer and open in Adobe Reader preferably, then you can fill in the boxes from your computer. Save as you go and check the filled fields are saving so you don't lose your work!

Steps to take:

  • Watch today's video and take notes
  • Download and complete the workbook for today and the Content Planner within it
  • Record one of your video ideas and post it into the group (and out to your own networks preferably!) - using the tag in the group #rockvideoschallenge so we can keep track of your participation!

Join us in the group: