Day 5: Rock Videos For Your Business

"Tech Savvy"

Lesson Description

DAY 5: TECH SAVVY, is designed to help you elevate your pro status by utilising awesome technology.  A lot of people we speak to are in the dark about how to create professional-looking content - they feel it's too difficult or too expensive when in fact it doesn't have to be either. From a behind-the-scenes look at simple editing for videos, to finding someone to create a professionally branded intro and outro for your videos for under $20, to creating eye-catching videos for social media that draw people to your content - these are some of our best tips and tricks!

  • If you're a PC user, some PCs still have free Windows Movie Maker available, or Windows 10 users can access the Photos App on their PC for free (usually already installed), or download Movie Moments for free. All excellent options that will do the necessary jobs without being overly complicated!

Order Your Intro & Outro Video Snippets


Click here to be transported to - a site where you can purchase people's services for ridiculously good fees. The page has plenty of options of designers to choose from - note the price differences and be sure to check out the reviews before you choose any one particular person - that's the beauty of the review service!

Steps to take:

  • Watch today's video and take notes
  • Follow the links and order your own intro and outro snippets from Fiverr
  • Record another of your video ideas and post it into the group (and out to your own networks preferably!) - using the tag in the group #rockvideoschallenge so we can keep track of your participation!
  • Make sure to be in the group for our LIVE Q&A to finalise the challenge and make sure you all have what you need - it's 1.30pm Perth time (3.30pm QLD, NSW & VIC)

Join us in the group: