Day #5 - Mindset Magic

Day 5 and our final day of the Set Up Your New Coaching Business For Success Challenge!

Today we are switching our focus from the business to YOU, the business owner.  It doesn't matter how good your strategy is, unless you are on point, you'll never get the results you're striving for.

Watch the video below and then download your resources...let's do this!


  • Day 5 Workbook: Mindset Magic
    Day 5 Workbook: Mindset Magic

    Click the link, download the workbook to your computer, save it then fill in your answers

  • Mindset Magic Audio
    Mindset Magic Audio

    Click the link, and on the page that opens up, hover over the recording, right click and download to your own computer for future use! Listen with headphones for best effects!

Action Steps...

  • Watch today's video...
  • Download the workbook and fill in the blanks...
  • Download the mindset re-programming audio, grab your ear buds and press play!
  • Head on over to the Facebook group to share your learnings and get involved with today's conversation - and ask away with any questions you have!
  • Remember, the LIVE Q&A takes place in the Facebook group at 1.30pm Perth time today (that's 3.30pm NSW, QLD & VIC) - hop in the group and you'll get notified when we're live - join in with your questions and gain heaps from the questions of the other superstar challengers!