Stop Relying on Motivation

Hello Hello I am Vicky Murgatroyd from Life Empowerment Project and welcome to this week’s blog. This week we’re doing a little different and I got asked ‘What is your number one tip to get results?’ and had a little think about this. So, my number one tip if you want to get results, if you want to actually get leverage, get moving, get results in business then my number one tip is very simply discipline.


Discipline.  Not motivation, not inspiration, not anything else, it’s discipline.

Knowing what you want, having the discipline to mentally prep yourself for having that thing every single day; changing your thoughts, changing your beliefs, everything internal and then also putting in the actual steps, putting in the work.  To me that is an absolute no brainer.  If you set out to do something and then you do it, very quickly that becomes your identity.

If you kind of set out to do something, or you just always talk about doing something, but never put the work in, again, very quickly you’re creating your reality and that becomes your identity.  That becomes who you are.  Whether you’re an action taker or you’re just a dreamer and that’s where the big difference comes in.

Be disciplined enough to stick with what you want and in order to be disciplined you got to have a damn good reason for wanting what you want.

So if I am going to the gym for maybe once every 6 weeks or so, Oh I think ‘I’m going to go to the gym and I’m going to go every day this week and I’m going to smash it’ and then I go once and I wake up the next morning and think ‘Oh my god, I can barely roll out of bed because my hamstrings are so tired, I’m so sore.’ Do you think I am going to get results?  No.  Of course I’m not going to get results.  It’s about sticking with something; it’s about really having the discipline just to follow through on your actions.

It doesn’t have to be enormous action to begin with; while you build up discipline, you’re much better off, like you are when you go to the gym, to do little and often. To do small sessions, small tasks, whatever it is for your business that is going to, when repeated, create results.  So if you’re going to set yourself up a goal; work out by running backwards, by reverse engineering it, what needs to be done, what steps need to be taken.  Set those steps and make them non-negotiable.

Your actions are creating your results.  So with the discipline being the key to your results, when you go to the gym every week, three times a week for six weeks, instead of once every six weeks, do you think you’d see more of a result it less of a result than just going that one time. You’d see way more of a result.  So the same goes for your business.

Look at the action steps that are actually going to move you ahead, that are actually going to make the difference.  Not fucking three hours spent on a blog and then you’re so tired and drained from the energy of it you don’t do anything else for the rest of the day.  It’s being productive and proactive with your time.  What is going to get me the results, set those things in stone by making them completely non-negotiable, have the discipline to just follow it through, take the action, put it out there, get it done, move onto the next thing.

That’s the kind of discipline that’s going to get you big results in business and its also going to get you big results internally because you’re going to take that same mindset and you’re going to apply it in every different area of your life.  You’ll become a better mum, you’ll become better health wise, you’ll become better with your eating, etc.

That discipline is your key to unlocking what you want and they key to having unwavering discipline is to make things you want non-negotiable.  I have such strong reasons for doing what I do and wanting that and believing it so deeply that its non-negotiable and then the discipline comes easily.

So have your reasons in place and then stick to it because you are worth it, the people who are waiting on you are worth it, your family are worth you putting yourself out there and getting big results and showing them what’s possible.

Discipline is your key to success. 

More so than motivation, more so than inspiration.  I implore you find the discipline within yourself to stick to what you’re doing and stick to it over a course of months, which will turn into years, which will bring you enormous results.  Even when at first you don’t see those results.  The first few times I went to the gym, I didn’t see results, I didn’t feel myself getting stronger, but have the discipline and long term vision to stick with it and then you start to get the big results.  Allow yourself enough love, enough time, enough space, enough belief in order for you to stick with the discipline and so you can start finally seeing the results that you deserve and so do the amazing clients that you deserve to serve.

So we would love to know how you go with this.  Let us know by dropping it in the comments below if you’re on Facebook, subscribe to our channel on YouTube and if you enjoy this message, if you got something out of this message, wed love for you to share it and reach as many people as possible.  Discipline is your key to success, which when implemented will just bring everything you want towards you, change the way you’re thinking, change the way you’re feeling and create that dream life all around you in no time at all.  So thanks for watching guys, big love and I’ll see you on next week’s blog.

In the meantime, live empowered and be inspired.



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