Stop Thinking Your Prospects Time Is Worth Than Yours (it’s repulsive!)

Stop Thinking Your Prospect's Time Is Worth More Than Yours

Hey guys I’m Vicky Murgatroyd from Life Empowerment Project, and welcome to this week’s blog.

We’re building on last week’s where we spoke about a real serious self-worth issue that so many women have, and this week we’re expanding even further into a different area that this commonly crops up in, but is just so similar in its root cause.

How to stop thinking that your prospect’s time is worth more than yours.

Huge key in shifting that perspective, positioning yourself as the authority, and owning your time!

So, let’s get on into it – this came about this week as a result of a huge conversation with an amazing client who kept having this barrier come up for her. She didn’t want to impose on anybody, or upset anyone, or have anyone think that she was pushy. But basically, all it boiled down to, as I’m sure you’ve guessed, was that she was valuing her prospects time over her own.


Now, a couple of major mindset shifts to bring in here…

  • A) How much time have you put in to your training? You are the expert, you are the authority!


  • B) Have you ever been on a date with somebody who is desperate for your time. Who just really want you to open up to them and they’re so infatuated with you and so interested with you…but all that does is absolutely repulse you. That energy is desperation energy, and it literally pushes you away!


When that same date owns their time, respects what they bring to the table, and they allow you to come find it, you’ll be a lot more attracted to that person.

And that’s the whole point – setting you up as the confident, worthy authority, so that your prospects are attracted to you. So they find your energy appealing, they look to you as somebody who’s got something that they want.

Huge shift, but unless you start valuing your own time, your own authority, what you bring to the table, you’ll constantly repulse people – pushing your ideal prospects away!!

IT’s the energy of that pushy salesman who’s knocking on your door, who’s desperate to keep that door open for that little bit longer – no! YOU value your time, you are the authority and you control that space! Stay in that mindset, shift that perspective, hold the power, hold the authority, and have people drawn to you and your energy!

You’re here to bring your message, you’re here to be extraordinary, and in order to do that, you have to fully own yourself.

Again, as I said, it comes down to self-worth, and this is something we can build and build and build. You can’t expect it to be a huge shift where it changes all at once, it’s something you change over time – but it starts NOW.

As soon as you start valuing your time over your prospects – and I’m not speaking of being disrespectful at all! – but you must value your time. It is the most valuable asset that you have in the world. It’s the only thing that you really have in this life, so….make sure you’re valuing it, make sure you’re valuing you, bring it on in to what’s going on internally for you, keep building that worth and be extraordinary!

I know a lot of you out there really struggle with this, and it can be because those old habits just keep popping up for you. Old habits and old beliefs that are hiding back there and

‘Don’t big yourself up’, ‘don’t blow your own trumpet’, ‘stay small, because if no one notices you then you can’t get hurt!’…the list continues!

All these things operate under the surface and hold you back, and they’re things we can change, and we can change quickly! Get on a call with us, grab one of our 5 spots that we open up every single week by hopping over to the sidebar on this page – and make sure you get on quick because they fill every single week, and make sure that you make that change now!

You’re born to be extraordinary, keep on doing it!

See you guys next week, thanks as always for your time – and remember…value yours!!


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