Success Without Exhaustion

Hey guys I’m Vicky Murgatroyd form Life Empowerment Project, and welcome to this week’s blog.

This week, I want to share some of the results we got – we sent out a survey a few weeks ago and the overarching theme in the responses was that you guys are feeling time-poor. You feel like there’s never enough hours in the day to get done what you want to get done, and there’s certainly not enough hours in the day to take time for yourself. So I wanted to address that directly, and that is why this week’s blog is allll about getting success without the exhaustion.


Success Without Exhaustion – the first step is, and I’m the poster girl for this, is that we get into our masculine energy. The masculine energy is all about the push and force and making things happen. It’s not sustainable! It’s not sustainable for most guys never mind women. It very much drains your natural resources and that feminine energy you have within you is almighty! There is nothing that is going to contend with that! But what we tend to od, if you’re anything like me, is that we resist, and we get into that state of resistance where we push a little bit harder, little bit harder and a little bit harder until there’s nothing left. That is when we end up with that depleted feeling. So the opposite of that, the antidote, is the feminine energy. That beautiful, flowing feminine energy that you have within you naturally. It’s tuning into that and utilising it – coming from a place of allowing and surrender. That is your key – because you know whatever you resist, persists – so as soon as you get into that space of surrender, of release, of letting go…the resistance stops. You stop getting that push back form the world because you stop giving the push! It really is as simple as that – I’ve experienced this very recently as well, it’s something I have to continue to re-teach myself with these basic lessons – stop resisting! Allow yourself to get into that state of flow – the feminine energy is really going to allow everything to come to you, allow yourself to manifest. Get out of push and into flow.


Step number 2 is taking care of you, first!

You’ve probably heard the anecdote about the professor with the jar – he fills it with golf balls and asks ‘is it full’? The class says yes, and then the professor pours pebbles into the jar, which fills in all the gaps between the golf balls, and again asks ‘is the jar full’ – and the class says yes.   Then, he puts sand into the jar – which fits between all the gaps. Bringing it back to the relevance here, is that your ‘you time’ – what’s important to you – needs to go first. What’s important to you is the golf balls – and everything else will fit in around it. BUT, they tend to be the things we’ll put off until there’s no room in the jar anymore, and that thing for you just gets pushed aside. Again, I’m an absolute poster girl for this, giving up my ‘me time’ because there’s things that ‘need to be done’ – but when I get into that feminine flow, and schedule my me-time first, guaranteed I’ll be more productive than I would have been if I hadn’t have taken that time.

Schedule in YOU first – it’s a complete flip and puts you at the top of your priorities not only for yourself, but also energetically – it’s that representation to the Universe.


Step number 3 of getting success without exhaustion.

When we feel time poor, we tend to get a lot of tension in our body, and guaranteed that that time will just fly by. Gay Hendricks talks about this in The Big Leap, and I’ve talked about this book a few times as it is sensational – but essentially he talks about how finding the tension in your body and allowing yourself to let go of that, puts you in a state where time will move a lot slower. He gives the example of if you’re running late in your car, and you pull over to the side of the road, take a few moments, then get back on the road in a completely different state, guaranteed you’ll get there on time. IF you’ve rushed there the whole way, you’d have never got there on time!

So basically it’s about feeling now what is going on in your body. Instead of replaying that old story of ‘I’m time poor’ – actually notice what is going on physically. I guarantee there will be certain physiological signs that lead into that state of being. Your physiology is one of your biggest tells, so look for the tension that is within your body now and release it!

The second part of ‘feeling it now’ is feeling the success now. If we’re after success without the exhaustion – when you create that feeling of success now, not only does it create that relaxation within your body, it also gets you on the higher vibrational energy which attracts more to you so it’s less of a continual chasing of the goal, the result comes to you instead – a complete switch around!

Feel it now – release any tensions in your body, your energy will become more grounded as you do, and then look into how does it feel when I feel successful and get all the results that I want to get. Feeling it now literally magnetises everything to you. There’s a lot less effort that goes into allowing than there is for pushing and fighting and running after something! So relax! Enjoy feeling in flow, feel the success now, and you’ll attract it straight to you.

The final point of getting success without exhaustion, is something I’d usually only talk about so candidly with my clients, who are just the most amazing women…but it is so worth covering this here. It is simply: fuck the ‘shoulds’.

We are so conditioned to try to fit a certain paradigm that does not work for us, and again you’re pushing – creating resistance, which in turn, creates exhaustion. Really tune into yourself: what works for you?

Some people get up at the crack of dawn and that works for them. Others try to do that, because they think they should, and they’re exhausted all day!

What actually works for you? How do you like to do things? What feels congruent and in alignment to you? I guarantee things will go soooo much smoother! But in order to get there, we need to stop ‘shoulding all over ourselves’.

Forget about the ‘shoulds’ it’s not working for you! Tune into what works for you and everything will happen in a much more fluid and much more enjoyable way!


We’ve just covered 4 basic principles of getting success without exhaustion. Let’s recap quickly….

Number 1: feminine energy

Enough with the masculine, enough with the push! Get in your feminine energy, find that flow state and it will serve you so much better.

Number 2: You come first!

Energetically, in the Universe, on your priorities list…you come first!

When you create your time first, I guarantee everything else will fit around you. Massive shift, and totally life changing!

Number 3: feel it now

Feel any tension in your body that usually results in rushing around all the time in an almost manic state. Find the tension, release the tension….come back down to earth and all of a sudden time will open up..

The next step here is to start to feel now what it’s like to have success. When you embody physically now the feelings that you’ll have in your future when you’ve created everything you want, you become the magnet – pulling everything you want straight to you. That is absolute magic!

Number 4: fuck the ‘shoulds’

Doing what you ‘should’ do is not working! Get in tune with you, and I guarantee you’ll find all the answers you need that give you the path of least resistance to ultimate success, which is internal as well as it is external.


That is how to get success without exhaustion. It’s great to get your guys feedback and know specifically what you need and want right now. As I say, this is all about you – and making sure you have all the answers you need to so you can design your life so your business can be precisely what you want it to be – that is true power.

As always, implement away and I will see you guys on next week’s blog. Thank you for watching, it’s always a pleasure. In the mean time, live empowered and be inspired.

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