Super Simple Hack To Maximise Your Time

Time issues is something we hear again and again and again, whether it’s in the group, in the mastermind programs that we are doing, on our Facebook feeds, on our videos etc. Struggling with time is a common theme between female entrepreneurs.

That is the purpose of this week’s blog, we want to give you one super simple hack to end your battle with time. Take that control back, maximise in what you can do in a day and of course create that balance where you can have time for you as well as getting all that magic done.

Let’s get straight to the good stuff. When you are pressed for time, the amount of stress and the amount of tension in your body is skyrocketing. When you can tune into that though you take control back.

Its Einstein’s thing of whether you spend a minute sitting on a hot stove it will feel like an hour or if you spend an hour with somebody you love over a beautiful glass of wine it can go by in what feels like a minute. Time is a construct. We are very very very well-conditioned into this construct so it can be difficult to break. Our whole society is built around time but in terms of the quantum field (the quantum is where everything else exists from) there is no time and there is no space so we can get beyond time and space.

When you’re in a creative zone you can lose hours and you can get so much done and everything can just be in this perfect flow. But again, that’s when there’s no stress, there’s no tension. The difference is, when you can become conscious of the tension that’s in your body, whenever you feel rushed, whenever you’re feeling laboured, whenever you are feeling behind…stop.

First, check your body, do a full scan of where there’s tension and just begin to breath into it.

Now I did this with a client the other day and she just physically changed, her whole energy changed and it literally takes seconds to do it. Breath into where you find the tension in your body and let it go.

Breath into wherever else there’s tension in your body and let it go and then very quickly you become into that state of balance again and in that state of balance you’re not rushing, you’re not stressed, you’re not late, it doesn’t exist in that state.

Your physiology is an awesome hack into anything that you want to do in terms of changing your state.

Whenever you’re feeling rushed or behind, take a moment to stop. That in itself is a massive thing because as soon as you start to observe the pattern you break the pattern. So stop, observe, check your body and release the tension.

Really utilizing your breath to tone in on the tension and then let it release throughout your body until you feel that calm, that collected, that balanced again and I literally mean do it until you feel that.

Don’t think “I’m in too much of a rush to do it” because that is bullshit and it’s not going to serve you in any way. Pull yourself back to that centre point, be the observer and let the tension go in your body. Gay Hendricks talks about this beautifully in his book “The Big Leap” I highly recommend it if you want a good read. It’s phenomenal. Grab it.

If you have some good feedback for us throughout practicing and implementing it like you should be, then we would love to hear about it. Hop on over to the Facebook group. We share daily tips and hacks and we would love to have you as part of our tribe where we can serve you to the highest level possible.

If you found this content helpful please share the video, we want to get the message as wide as possible and I can’t wait to hear your feedback. See you on next week’s blog, in the meantime, Live empowered and be inspired.

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