Super Simple Step: Make Your Goals Reality

Hey guys and welcome to the Life Empowerment Project. I’m Vicky Murgatroyd and what I want to introduce you to today is a super simple step to massively increase your chances of achieving your goals.


We all have goals, there are always things we want to achieve, to do in our lives, and there’s always a direction in which we’re going.

This one step is going to increase your chance of achieving them by 97%.

And it is super simple.

There was a study done with Harvard alumni, as this class was graduating, some 20-odd years ago. As the class was graduating, there was 3% of the students who had written their goals down. Of the rest, some had goals in mind, but only 3% had those goals written down.

As the class met up again at their 20 year reunion, they reassessed the participants again. Of the 3% that had written their goals, they were more successful financially than the other 97% combined.

Writing your goals is HUGE, so influential in you actually achieving them. You’re making a commitment to yourself.

So what I want you to do is simply, to write a list of your goals, the things you want to – HAVE to – do in your life. Your bucket list, your wish list, whatever you want to call it…just write your goals down! Really important.

It’s also important for you to push beyond the boundaries of what you perceive to be ‘realistic’ as well. ‘Realistic’ is just one of those meaningless ridiculous words that get thrown around. There is nothing you can’t achieve. Nothing.

I was listening to an awesome interview the other day with David Wolfe, and he was saying about writing his goals down, and one of his ‘ridiculous’ ones was to have one of the leading shows on TV – and he didn’t even own a TV. Just an off the cuff dream of his.

When he came to review his goals, he realised he had smashed this goal. They were getting awesome ratings with the NutriBullet program, really ranking well – and he didn’t own a TV. So although that goal seemed out there and unreachable, he had smashed it!

When you stretch yourself, and commit to your goals, it really does allow you to find more opportunity in life, to expand beyond what you believe to be achievable or realistic. The people that achieve great things are the people who set out to achieve great things; they don’t just stumble upon their successes, or trip over them by accident, they set out on that course. So writing your goals down is just so so important for getting you where you want to be.

Thanks for listening and….write your goals down! Love to hear your results, and if you’ve found this useful then please give it a share and let’s help the world be a more high-achieving place where people’s dreams become their reality inevitably!

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