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The Awakened Entrepreneur

More impact, more clients, more cash flow!

4 month high-level mastermind for coaches, wellness practitioners & healers to explode your business growth.

You’re heart-centred and impact-focused. You’re phenomenal at your craft – coaching, healing, helping good people create real change. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you know how to create the growth that will really allow you to create the positive global impact you dream about.

What it usually means, is that you work your fingers to the bone – words like hustle, sacrifice, hard work ­resonating around your mind and slowly drowning out the sure and steady voice of your heart. The sparkle of the work you love begins to fade as tiredness and defeat sets in.

The result of this is way too many coaches, healers and wellness practitioners being unable to ‘make it’ – create enough of a client base and enough cash flow, leading to more stress and disconnection and eventually to the business shutting down.

The world is in a space where it needs people like you - desperately. And what you need, in order to be that go-to person in your niche, is 2 things:



Notice the order there, you come first.

It’s counter to what most coaches will tell you in this space, but it’s even more important in this space. When we’ve got you right – as a confident, empowered woman who fully believes in herself as the powerful leader that you are – then we get the business on track. Specifics around your client, messaging and offer form the foundation that so many people skip over (to their huge detriment), then we get into the tech – Facebook ads, funnels, client-generation methods, building your email list, heart-centred sales, and more.

The results of getting this right, in this specific order, is effortless growth. You make a name for yourself, people are eager to work with you, you're a recognised leader in your area.  You're brimming with confidence so doing those things that used to scare you are easy - like group programs, live events, webinars, etc.  You're sharing your magic with thousands of people, and being rewarded for it not just energetically but financially as well.

You are the coach, healer or wellness practitioner you were born to be - serving the world and living your dream.

Here's What To Expect With This Program...

  • Results, Results, Results. Huge business growth in the direction YOU want your business to go.
  • Nail your online marketing so you can guarantee a constant flow of clients.
  • Finally hit those income goals that are going to change your life.
  • Systemisation - structure in your business and marketing so you're not constantly busy repeating the same tasks.
  • Visibility in your industry - you'll become a known face, a trusted authority and create heaps of opportunities for new clients to come to you.
  • Streamline your service so you can serve more clients and grow your business without giving up all of your time.
  • Support, connection, and amazing people surrounding you: remember, you become the company you keep!

How Do You Get There?

4 months, with a transformational lesson every week. This is NOT classroom learning - everything you learn is applied directly into your business - and life - so you create immediate results that actually last, giving you all the hands on knowledge, tools and technology to sustainably grow your business into a national/global empire.

Everything is specifically designed and tailored for you to create more confidence, serve more clients, build more cash flow and create unstoppable momentum that sees your business - and you - grow exponentially.

We want you to really get that when you are in alignment, everything in your business flows.

You'll be attracting the right people, opportunities and events TO you, experiencing maximum results with flow and ease instead of the old uphill battle you've become accustomed to.

We give you lifetime access to the Membership Portal, where all the weekly lessons are stored (and regularly updated as new technology updates), and 4 months of access to group calls and to our Membership Forum so you stay connected to your tribeswomen.

Full Breakdown of Course Content

Extra Bonuses!


Bonus #1 - A step by step guide to creating your own WordPress website from scratch to give you full autonomy over your business for next to no money!

Bonus #2 - A step by step guide to building your own membership site that will hold all your incredible IP in a safe space for thousands of clients to access for an even better service from you!

Bonus #3 - Insider Cheatsheet: how I run my business - revealing all the tools, technology and amazing software that I've utilised to skyrocket Life Empowerment Project start up to multiple six-figure online business with a rock solid team of incredible women helping the mission! 

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And there's more...

3 Day Live Intensive...

You'll have unbelievable breakthroughs, make life-long connections with other inspirational women, and up-level your business in ways you can't even imagine! The 3-days are packed with hands-on learning where you'll be guided through building your first funnel (or higher value funnel for those of you that are already tech-savvy), and walk away with tangible client-generation systems in place.

There will be a photographer on site for one of the days that you'll have access to, to accelerate your brand perception and visibility, get some stunning shots and attract amazing high-level clients to you.

Never before have we included an event of this nature, and I'm thrilled to be bringing it to you included in The Awakened Entrepreneur!


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Our Clients

Hear from the ladies that are a part of Life Empowerment Project.

Chloe Bertolami - Breathe Pilates

We've tripled our client base and have opened a second studio...

"Learning to focus my mind and energy was a huge shift and from that it was a carry on effect - huge amounts of clients coming through the door, clients staying and clients happy! We’ve tripled our client base - within the first six months we doubled them and in the last six months it’s almost doubled we are opening a second studio in Clarkson in addition to our original studio in Wangara (Perth)"

Emma O'Sullivan - Woman on Fire

I sold out my group program...

"The biggest win is overcoming particular fears, that has allowed me to implement things in the business that leverage my time. An example of this is the group program (which I sold out!). A short time ago, I would have been too scared to do this!"

A Note From Vicky...

My inspiration for what I do comes from my journey, as is so often the case. I've always been switched on, capable and independent...but when I got into business I fell into all the masculine energies and ended up fighting my way to some big results.

This led to major burnout and dissatisfaction despite the fact I truly loved what I was doing. So I found a better way. A way that energises me, allows me to grow and be present and enjoy life while I create even bigger results. And Life Empowerment Project is testament to that. We're 18 months in and have a $500,000 annual turnover. Now, I get to show other women the way out of that same space I found myself trapped in - and the way into freedom, inspiration, impact, success, abundance and a massively happy life.

I LOVE the women who I work with.  It takes a certain something to take a step into the unknown, and the joy that they emerge with is unparalleled. I work with women whose mission is to help other people - because they are the game-changers. They are also the givers, and usually give until they are empty - and this needs to change.  The world is waiting on your magic, and you can't deliver that magic from a place of overwhelm and exhaustion.  When we switch up the system in The Awakened Entrepreneur, you'll attract and create everything you want into your life, effortlessly, and in just living your authentic life, you pass on this lesson and this amazing lifestyle to others.

And so the ripple effect continues!

Sometimes you need someone to fiercely believe in you, so you can build that belief in yourself...

Elisha Thompson - Your Girl Friday

I achieved more than I ever could have imagined...

"The Awakened Entrepreneur course has been one of the best things i've ever done. Not only has it helped immensely with my business but in my personal life as well.  Vicky's energy, knowledge and passion for her clients is absolutely amazing.  Her caring but no bullsh*t attitude and approach is exactly what I needed to push me through barriers and achieve more than I could have imagined.”

Alison Loxton - Onist

"The Awakened Entrepreneur gave me SO much - the biggest thing was my mindset learning, my confidence and faith in myself has grown significantly and I can now take on challenges and know I'll work through them and benefit from this - no more backing down and giving up!

The business tools brought a whole new level of awareness of what is possible and what can be used to build and scale my business. Hugely important and relevant - I now have a myriad of tools I can use or know are being used to then strategise and operate my business."

Investment Information

This is a premium program that brings premium results. Only apply if you are committed to investing in yourself and your business.

Early Bird Bonuses

2 1:1 hour length sessions prior to the start-date with Life Empowerment Project founder Vicky Murgatroyd

Personalised Game-Plan with step by step actions to skyrocket your business results before we even officially start

Become A Content Queen: Mini-Course

Meditation & Journaling For Business Growth: Mini-Course

Early access to the online modules to get you off to a flying start

Extended payment plan option

Hear from the amazing women who've done it...

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I'm so excited to support you on this journey!

Here's to fulfilling your highest purpose, with ease, flow and abundance!

Speak soon,

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