The Golden Question To Ask…..To Get More Clients

The Golden Question To Getting More Clients

Now, this week we’ve been having some awesome conversations with our clients on the 4 month program, “The Awakened Entrepreneur” and we’ve kind of been discussing service.

How to give the best level of service that you can. How to keep that service congruent across all of your clients and really hold that really high standard that builds you an epic reputation.

So, off the back of that I want to give you this week, one Golden Question that can increase the number of clients that you attract and allow you to give them a much better service as well.

We’re really lucky and just totally privileged to work with women who, they’re really focused on the service on the kind of impact that they can make and on really doing the best by the women who they enrol and I really hold that standard for myself and for the team as well and love to see that trickling down.

This isn’t about a numbers game, this isn’t about how much money you can make, it’s about how you can really hold a high standard and give an amazing service and create a real difference for people. And, that being said, the Golden Question that you can ask yourself, to allow you to attract more clients, convert more clients, and to give them a better service as well, is a switch-up basically.

It was a while ago that I found myself getting into a habit, we had lots of expenditure in the business -and it was a real kind of subtle shift that happened for me- and I’ll quite freely admit this as I do to my clients, we got in to a stage of a little bit of need. We needed some more money to come through the door in the business so that we could keep giving to the extent that we had been.

We were running big retreats for our clients where we’d go kind of all out for them and therefore the money situation was quite interesting. Again, more team members, more expense and it was just a transition.

But I found myself slipping in to the question of, “how can we get more? How can we get more clients coming through the door? How can we get more people to know about us?” There was a real shift in my energy and that obviously negatively impacted the business. This is how we got into the conversation with the clients about how to enrol more clients and create a better service for them. And that question is the switch-up of the question that I found myself asking, that was coming from a complete space of desperation and of course that switch-up puts you in a place of abundance.

So, the Golden Question for you to ask is….

“How can I give more?”

As soon as you’ve enrolled a new client just connect with yourself, connect with the opportunity and the privilege that you have and then ask yourself, “How can I give more?” That doesn’t mean giving more of your time, or giving way more than the financial investment that they’re making in you because that just leads you to burn out. But “How can I give more?” in a sense of holding a really high standard. That might even mean setting your boundaries very clearly so that you have the time and the energy to give more across the board. “How can I give more?”

It’s going to be a really unique answer for each of you but I really want you to sit down, journal on this, connect with it, meditate on this, “How can I give more?” and as soon as I switch myself back into that mindset then, of course the universe provides. Way more! So, I’m in a space of abundance so of course there’s an abundant flow of people coming to us.

Instead of asking yourself “How can I get more?” always ask yourself, “How can I give more?” In that space you are absolutely bottomless in what you have to offer. Of course you keep filling your own cup. “How can I give more?” also applies to yourself, but “How can I give more?” every time you enrol a new client and I guarantee you’ll not only provide a much better service for your clients, you’ll attract a whole heap more as well.

“How can I give more?” just remember every time you feel yourself slipping into that desperation, into any of that old stuff that of course crops up from time to time for all of us. Ask yourself, “How can I give more?” and everything will shift on it’s head and that is the simple power of asking the right questions at the right time with the right intention behind it.

So, that is your Golden Question. I hope you do the journaling, do the meditation, really connect with that and really connect with exactly what the answer is for you.

You have everything it takes to live the life that you desire and of course you get to spread that message to all your amazing clients as well. Ask yourself the question as much as possible this week and if you enjoyed this video please make sure you subscribe to our channel make sure you share it. Let’s get this message out as wide as possible to as many amazing women as possible. Spread that ripple effect wide and make a real positive effect.

Can’t wait to see you in our next blog. In the meantime Live Empowered and Be Inspired.

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