The Single Biggest Thing Business Women Waste Time On

Hello guys and welcome to this weeks blog. I’m Vicky Murgatroyd from Life Empowerment Project.

This week I want to talk about the single biggest thing that business women waste time on. Most of the women who come to me are looking to maximise on their time in some respect. We know its our most valuable asset so they are looking to step up and really take their time back

so this one thing; by eradicating it completely will absolutely transform your relationship with time and productivity and your happiness completely.


So the single biggest thing that business women waste time on….

So drumroll please – the single biggest thing that business women waste time on.

Can you take a guess?

Any ideas yet?


Worry is the single biggest thing that business women waste time on.

They worry if they haven’t done something quite right. They worry if they shouldn’t have said that singular thing. They worry about what might happen or what could happen or what did happen.

And its this whole cycle of stuff going round and round and round in your head. Completely unproductive, completely draining for your morale, for your energy for your state of being – and MOST importantly completely detracts from the mission you are creating.

There is always going to be something to think about, but allowing yourself to be present in the moment and know that life is perfect now.

Exactly where you are is an absolute game changer.

Essentially you have a fork in the road. Both of these paths are going to lead you to the same destination down the track.

However one track you can lose yourself in your mind, feel anxious all day, you can feel upset and tired and drained and uninspired.
Or on the other track you can shut all of that off – and still arrive at your destination in just the same way.

Worry is the single biggest thing you are wasting time on and it is absolutely fruitless as well. Most of us worry because we want to be able to control and sort it out.

So what would happen if you surrendered? This is something that I have been working on in such a beautiful way recently- and it changes your life.

Surrender. Trust in the universe. Trust in your higher self, the guidance that is within you. Shut off the worry. Its low level self, its egoic, its totally draining and puts you on that real low vibrational platform that feels horrible and totally deflects all of the wonderful things you want to create in your life.

SO knowing that life is perfect now and knowing that you’re going to arrive in your destination anyway, surrender into the universe and putting your trust in the process, getting present in the moment = absolute game changer!

The single biggest thing that business women are wasting time on is worry. It gets you nowhere, feel awful and you miss all the magic you are creating now.

Some tips to get our of worry and get your time back for you….ground yourself. Literally get present. Feel into your body. Most of the time we are so far off into our head, we don’t notice that we’re breathing really high and really fast. We don’t notice that have this panicked feeling continually in our belly. Breath into your body, plant your feet on the ground get present annnnnd everything slows down for you.

When we get out of our head and into our body you are in such a better position to make the changes that you want to be making – to make the progress you want to be making. Running around pin-balling these thoughts in your head just detracts from that. We think the busier we are, the more we are getting done. There is no pride in being busy. So take your time back by getting out of your head, present in your body – will massively lower your anxiety, your worry and allow you to be present, slow time down and get way more done in a day as well.

Tip number two for getting out of worry is to brain dump! Now the entrepreneurs curse is that there is always something to be done so my tip to help you switch off and create that space between work and home or work and family is just brain dump everything down onto a piece of paper.

Every single thought. It might be getting the meat out of the freezer for your dinner, anything at all – get it down onto a piece of paper.

From massive work things, to big tasks that need to be done right down to the trivial thoughts that are bouncing around in your head – brain-dump everything down.

Our brains are made for coming up with ideas not for hanging on to them I heard someone say once and I LOVE that. Get it out of your head and onto paper and then start to go through – striking out those things that are no longer relevant to the things that are relevant. Put them onto a list and literally leave it. Take some time away from it. Have an evening to yourself with your family – its down on paper, doesn’t need to be thought about.

I always carry around a pad and a pen with me at all times so I can just get things out of my head – tends to work better for me than just writing it on my phone like I used to. So give it a go. Brain dump, get present in your body and really notice what kind of difference that makes.

The single biggest thing that business women are wasting time on – is worry.

Forget it.

You can take the same path to the same destination in a much more enjoyable way when you get grounded and get present and go into your body instead of being lost in your mind.

If you have resonated with our message today, please share the video – we want to reach as many business women as possible to help them switch off that worry and take back their time.

Thanks for tuning in today guys, I will see you in next weeks blog live empowered and be inspired!


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