The Single Key Step To Achieving All Your Goals Next Year

Hey guys, I’m Vicky Murgatroyd and welcome to the Life Empowerment Project and a huge welcome to this week’s blog.

Now this week, obviously it is the season of goal setting. We’re getting ready, we want to make sure next year is phenomenal and unfortunately there is a drop off after the initial excitement happens.



So this week I want to talk about the one simple shift you can make to ensure you hit every single goal you set this year.

As you know me by now you know that the one single shift you can make to ensure you hit your goals this year is going to be an internal one. There are loads of methodologies and ways you can set goals etc etc, there are so many that most people just drown in their options and never do anything.

So this one thing is all you’re going to need to make sure that it happens.

That is your emotional connection to your goal.

One of my favourite things to do with a client when I do a breakthrough with them is to have them go into the future to a time (because most of my clients will help other people in their business whether it be in their mission of contribution or directly with their business, their mission is to help others) that is most appropriate and then connect with a client (potentially even one they haven’t met yet) connecting with them and hearing them say that you have changed their life.

“what you do changed my life” or “what you do saved my life”

Emotionally connect to the fact that it is so much fucking bigger than what you are. What you are creating with your business and with your life (with you being the way you’re being) has the potential to impact thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of people and don’t discount yourself from that being a true fact.

You have absolutely everything you need to make that happen. The difference is between those who actually make it and those who don’t is the emotional connection. Because I know most of you are in it for the resource you create for your clients – that right there go into the future and connecting with a time when a client comes to you and says

“with all honesty and gratitude, you saved my life” – that emotional connection will get you over any hurdle.

We have a good application process for working with Life Empowerment Project and that is for that very reason – it’s going to be hard. It’s hard. It’s not easy. I don’t go around telling you you’re going to make x amount of dollars in x amount of time. Its fucking hard to do what you do and you deserve the credit for sticking with it.

BUT you also need to know that it’s going to get harder because what it’s doing is – challenges are creating the character in you that is required to keep you at that level.

There are things that I do in business now that used to terrify me that now I do without even thinking it. There are things that I will do in the future that terrify me now that will eventually become habitual. Same for you.

All these tests and all these challenges – that’s where the difference comes in. That’s why so many businesses fail. Because the tests and the challenges keep coming and you’re going to grow into the person that is required to fulfil that and handle that with ease OR you’re going to step back and say it’s too hard, it’s not for me I can’t do it.

And that really is all dependant on that one simple shift. When you’re emotionally connected to where you’re going and the outcome you’re going to create, you’ll move mountains.

You will grow into that person that you need to be. When you’re not – you won’t. It’s as simple as anything.

You know when you’re emotionally connected to your goal – maybe it won’t happen this year. Maybe it’s a huge vision to impact millions of people and is not going to happen this year BUT you’re emotional connection to that will continue you on the path until it does happen.

That is where the nonnegotiable comes in. When you’re emotionally connected enough to your goal, it becomes nonnegotiable – you put the action in and you make the difference.

So, my biggest and best tip and the one simple shift you can make to ensure you hit your goals – get emotionally connected. Know your outcome, create the emotional pull towards it. Literally that’s what it will do. It will PULL you. Instead of you having to rely on will power or push towards it in any way it’s going to pull you.

You’re going to get emotionally connected, you’re going to raise your vibration, you’re going to breeze through the challenges that are to come (because there will be challenges) you’re going to knock them down and you’re going to get to that point where somebody is looking you in the eye and saying to you “you changed my life. That video you did, that event you did, that course that you did you helped me to change my life”.

Anything that gets you on that much of an emotional level – you will do anything to create that. That is where the magic comes in.

Remember you have resourceful states and un resourceful states. When you’re emotionally connected, you can do anything because you’re the most emotionally resourceful. When you’re not, the resources are just not there because you don’t need them. There is no connection there is no requirement for them to be there.

My one simple shift – get emotionally connected to your goal and I GUARANTEE you’re going to move mountains this next year and absolutely make it incredible.

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