The Ultimate Downfall Of Not Giving Yourself Credit

Hey lovelies, and welcome to this week’s blog. I’m the founder of Life Empowerment Project Vicky Murgatroyd and this week I want to talk about a topic that I love to discuss. That is the Ultimate Downfall of Not Giving Yourself Credit.

It’s a really common pitfall that most women that I’ve ever spoken to fall for in some respect. So tune in, take some notes and let’s make some changes!

So I call this the spiral – we start out by not giving ourselves enough credit. We don’t give ourselves the recognition for all the amazing things we’ve done, for all the action steps we’ve taken because we’re so busy looking at that pile of stuff in front of us that hasn’t ben completed, that hasn’t yet been finished.

Then, of course, from that thought, comes the emotional response. You sink down, the emotions become dampened, and you go from happy and optimistic to a little sad and a little defeated, and that is a much lower vibrational energy. When you’re in a lower vibrational energy – see how we’re going down the spiral here – when you’re in low vibrational energy you attract lower vibrational events. When there’s less happiness and les joy, there’s less cash flow and less amazing clients – again, the spiral is going downward!

So let’s talk about the opposite of that. This is where the joy comes in. When you give yourself credit, what is the effect?

So many of us are conditioned so so so strongly to never give ourselves credit that it can feel strange at first. But what if you started now doing three things each night that you’ve achieved that day. Give yourself credit and notice all the amazing steps that you’ve taken, give yourself some props for that because you deserve it – the recognition, the acknowledgement and the joy that comes from doing just that!

When you do that, you build your habit and of course the opposite happens – you go up the spiral! Your vibrations become higher, and when you’re on a higher vibration you attract higher vibrational things. You attract events, opportunities, people, cash flow etc! And you step into that position where you’re able to allow that to ripple out from you. When you’re that beacon at light, of optimism and happiness and joy, that ripples out to the people around you.

Your light shines onto them, they feel it and begin to embody it and take bigger action.

You know whatever your mind is focused on is what you’ll attract into your life, that is the key to manifesting right there. When you start to feel it, as you’re giving yourself the recognition, you get that feeling of happiness, joy, connection, momentum and confidence. And all of a sudden you’re taking more action, and giving yourself more credit, and again you’re raising that vibration until you’re in a state of joy. Then you begin to attract money, opportunities, the right people, and you become the example for people. When you’re shining in that way, that light automatically shines out to others, they start to act differently. You’re raising standards for not only you but for everybody that you’re here to serve. Remember, we are one as consciousness!! When you give yourself credit, the ripple effect is massive! When you don’t give yourself credit, the downward spiral is massive. I cannot stress that enough. It comes from something so simple. Again, we’re so conditioned to not give ourselves credit that it can be a really interesting shift to make.

So my challenge to you is a 30 day challenge.

30 days of recognising every single thing you do, especially in your business but you can spread that out into your personal life as well. If you’re going to the gym or for walks or something physical, or spending time with your family, give yourself credit! You’re building new habits and where your focus goes is where your energy flows. From that simple shift, the world opens up to you.

Most people watching are thinking ‘that’s too simple’ – it can’t possibly change all of that!

Well, what if it did?

I’ve done this, I’ve experimented with this, I’ve seen the difference and felt the difference – and now it’s your turn. Implementation is the absolute key and the only way that you’ll ever make a change. So that is my challenge for you. 30 days of giving yourself credit, acknowledgement and recognition and see what changes.

Of course we want to carry on the conversation. Hop over to and let’s connect. If you want to join the private conversation, join Business Women’s Empowerment Group – that is where it all goes down and where we make that strong connection and you’re surrounded by an amazing tribe of women so you raise your standards. Your light shines on them, their light shines on you – and again that consciousness just keeps on evolving – so exciting!

My challenge: give yourself some credit, and notice all the amazing changes that occur. Build that new habit, build your new normal!

Just a quick one from me today guys, hope you’ve loved the information and love implementing it – let us know how you go and I’ll see you on next week’s blog.
In the mean time, live empowered and be inspired.

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