What Happens Everytime You Say No

Hello guys, I’m Vicky Murgatroyd from life empowerment project and welcome to this weeks blog. This week I want to talk to you guys about what happens every single time you say no to yourself.



I’m talking to loads of women every single week and a common thread running pretty much throughout everybody is saying “no” to yourself and in that, saying “yes” to something else.

Whether it’s somebody else wanting your time, wanting your space, working with clients that you don’t really feel like you should be working with and I really want to discuss the negative effect that this has. Not only short term and instantly recognisable, but also the long-time stuff that’s really going to be chronically dissipating your power as you go along if you continue this.

When I learned to say “no” to things that I don’t want, that I’m not interested in, wasn’t an overnight thing. It didn’t come immediately.

Again like I mentioned the other week, I had that in me that I really wanted to please people and I wanted to make sure that they were ok and that their feelings weren’t hurt etc. But saying “no” to yourself every single time you do it, your soul just dies that little bit more.

The most important thing is that every time that you say no to yourself and put somebody else’s wants and needs above your own is that the universe hears that (and you know that the universe hears that) and you know that the universe is always looking to give you what you want. When your behaviour continually says “I don’t want to put myself first , I want to make sure everyone else is happy. I would rather sacrifice myself.”. That will keep being fed back to you and fed back to you and fed back to you.

To quote the other weeks blog, you can’t be a leader when you are in that position. You need to be in the position of appreciating what is right for you. Simple. Take the pause allow yourself to separate for the noise and from the old habit and everything else that makes you want to say “yes” and then later think “oh no”. Understand what it is that you want and then you can always act from that space with complete integrity and complete and utter certainty from within yourself.

Now. This takes setting some boundaries and boundaries are necessary with in business and personal etc. What it does is allow you to be completely clear with your relationships with people. When you are that clear on your relationships in your business is
nothing but good stuff, it’s fundamental in to making sure those relationships flourish and flourish into all that they can be as well.

So when you say “no” to yourself, the universe hears it every time. You might be thinking about you goals everyday but if your behaviour in saying “no” to yourself, denying yourself even opportunities, not just saying “yes” to other people, but denying opportunities to invest in yourself, to do a certain trip that you really want to do, to take your work on to the stage like you always dreamed about.

Every time you say “no” to yourself, the universe is listening. So what is your message?, because I guarantee, that if you put your message, what you want, what you are creating with your life, why you are creating it, if you put that message out there congruently every single day, you are going to get it. It’s only a matter of time till it shows up, completely inevitable.

I would bet my house on it. If you are completely congruent and you act in accordance with that, you get what you want. But every time you say “no” to yourself, you just say “no” to your dream.

It’s very much conditioned into us as women to say “no” to ourselves, to put others first etc. and to say “yes” to people who we think need us. What difference in your life is it going to make in your life to really learn to say “no”? All of us know somebody who does it really well in our lives already, so what difference is it going to make for you in your life?

Really ask yourself that question and then I want you to look for opportunities this week to utilize your new skills. Saying “yes” to yourself, being fully aligned with what you want and making sure you jump at opportunities. What’s that quote? “If you see an opportunity, jump at it, say “yes” and figure out the details later”. I guarantee you will find way more magic in your life and the results you create and the lives that you can impact when you do that instead of saying “no” to yourself. Stop saying “no”. The universe is listening, back yourself fully and you will achieve absolute greatness in whatever it is that you choose to do and whatever it is that lights your soul up the most. Say yes to you. Practice that all week and I guarantee that things will start changing just like that.

Have a great one guys and if you love this blog I would love you to share it. Let’s get the
message out to as many women as possible and make the message spread as far and wide as we can. Big love to you guys and I’ll catch you in next week’s blog. In the meantime, live empowered and be inspired.

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