What If Secretly You Don’t Believe Your Dreams Are Possible?

Hey guys, Vicky here form Life Empowerment Project, and today I just have one very simple question for you. What if, secretly, you don’t believe your dreams are really possible?

What if, in spite of your drive, dedication and countless hours that you’ve put in, secretly that voice in the back of your mind doesn’t fully believe you can do it. What if all of that self-doubt rises up right when you need the confidence and all your resources at your disposal – what if that self-doubt washes it all away. What if despite your best efforts to overcome it, it keeps creeping back in? You enter analysis paralysis, and this just stunts your progress.

Today I want to tell you a little story about a kid in a maths class. He was zoning out in the middle of the maths class and continued to daydream all the way up to the end, when there were two problems up on the board. As the bell rang, he quickly jotted the problems down and left the classroom. He took his questions home, solved one of them very simply – he was a bright kid – and in the final equation, he got really caught up. Really stuck. He spent hours on this thing, got his parents involved and they couldn’t help – and he began to panic. What if he had missed the essential thing he needed to know as he was zoning out? He kept applying himself, and eventually, he got the result. He solved the equation. He took his book in the very next day to give to his teacher – he thought he was handing in his homework. But his teacher was very surprised that he had this piece of homework for her – what she had been saying in the class, as the boy zoned out, was that this was an impossible equation. It was an equation that couldn’t be solved – it didn’t have an answer. But this little boy didn’t know that – and because he didn’t know that, he accessed all the resources at his disposal. And in doing that, he solved the equation.

So what does this mean, and how does it relate to you? What it means is, what you believe is possible, determines your results. If that little boy had heard the whole conversation – that this was an impossible puzzle and couldn’t be solved – he would have never got the answer. He would have never even tried, never have spent all those hours on it – he’d have just taken on face value that it was impossible.

We do this to ourselves all the time. We recognise character traits in other people that we only wish we could have ourselves. We see other people being successful and think that they have just magicked their way there, or they have something special in them that has allowed them to get that far. Whereas we…we don’t have that. However – all those things you perceive in other people, the only way that you can perceive that is because those traits are already within you. If you could stay in touch with that fact all the time, and really connect with that any time you needed a boost, that secret voice, that secret worry in the back of your mind, or that niggling thought of self-doubt – it wouldn’t be there. You know for a fact that that self-doubt is the only thing that could ever cripple you. Imagine that self-doubt as a dial – and what that does is just shut off all your resources. There are no unresourceful people, there are only unresourceful states. When you think you can’t do something, you shut off all your resources, skills, knowledge, etc, that would have helped you in achieving that goal.

Finally, my question to you. If you knew anything was possible, what could you achieve? What would you be doing? I’d really love to know what is preventing you from knowing that you are capable of anything? Really big into shifting beliefs and have had some absolutely tremendous outcomes with clients and with myself, when it comes to shifting beliefs. Shift your mindset and your reality will shift around you. The world adapts to a transforming human being. It is really exciting stuff!

What would happen if you could shift anything that you perceive was holding you back? I’d love to hear your answers. We’ve got a comments box below – I’d love to hear your answers. And do me one even better – let’s get into a conversation. Stick your details in below and let’s get introduced to one another. Let’s determine what roadblock we can move out of the way to help you have the best year yet. Really thrilled to hear from you guys and can’t wait to see your answers below. I look forward to your responses and I’ll see you soon in the next video. Take care guys and thank you as always for your time!

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