Why You’re Struggling Financially

We’re here at the house where we do our intensive retreats for our Awakened Entrepreneur Clients. And that’s our 4 month transformation. This has been a game changer. Seeing the ladies, where they were when we started the process to where they are now.

We’re a few months of finishing the 4 months but a lot of them came from a place of really struggling financially and moving all the way through to being thriving. To knowing that they can invest in themselves, that they can create that abundance in their business, that they can take their kids on holidays etc, etc. the stories go on.

I want to talk to you today about why you’re struggling financially. Let’s take all the fluff off the table, get really clear and give you some precise action steps so you can stop struggling financially. We need to get money in your hands. Get money in the hands of good people that do damn good things with it. This is our focus….

We’ll start where we usually do.

You’re struggling financially because of your belief, your backing of yourself. What I mean by that is either you feel like you’re not enough, you feel like you don’t deserve it -now this might be all unconscious but I promise you it’s going to resonate on some level- or you feel like that could never be you; really enjoying ultimate financial abundance. Whatever that means for you. There are no set figures here and to be honest you need way less than we kind of are conditioned to think that we believe to live that dream life that you want. But there is some level of lack there, of scarcity, of believing that you are not enough to have that. And that is absolute and utter bullshit, which you know but that doesn’t stop you from obviously encroaching on those amazing actions that you could be taking otherwise. If those beliefs, if those kind of core mental beliefs weren’t holding you back and playing a part in that.

If you know this is a huge issue for you, get in touch, before you go any further with this video. Connect with us, honestly, stop struggling by yourself. Get those things in to place. We’ve got heaps of resources we can give you, that we can send you, this is what we do.

Then on to the focus of this blog. I want to give you as much value as possible. So, other than the mindset stuff, the reasons why you’re struggling in your business is because you don’t have a clear message. You’re not honed in enough on your target audience to have a message that packs a punch with your business, that really resonates with them. That leaves your prospect wanting to jump in because they know you’ve got the answer that they need, because they know that you can solve their problem. Your message is not clear enough. In order to get your message clear you have to be damn clear on your target. Who are you talking to?

We need more people like you out there, who have this epic message, this epic story and this really big vision to raise a collective consciousness, make a huge positive impact in the world. You shutting down your business is not an option. That financial reward has to come in to stop that from happening.

You’ve got your marketing en pointe because you know your target, you know how to talk to them and therefore you start to attract those people who you love to work with. Those people who you love to work with, they don’t question your prices, they know that the service is worth it, they connect with you enough etc, etc. Until you get these foundational things in place though, you’re really going to struggle financially and otherwise…energetically in the business because it’s going to be a constant strain and a constant sap of your resources. So, get those things in place. I can’t stress enough how much difference they’re going to make so we’ve put the resource below-side by side with the option that if you just know that you want to hop on board, have a call with us, have a discussion about how specifically we can help you to do that in your business- but there’s also the ideal client map that we’ve just updated.

This is the essential toolkit to answer all these questions that we’ve put forth so far, get you super clear and allow you to really take off with your marketing and of course get the financial reward off the back end of that.

That is why you’re struggling financially, that is why so many businesses in this space fail; because you’re not taught business. You don’t know this stuff and it’s not your fault but now it’s your responsibility to fix it. Do something about it. Make that change. It’s really, really important. So, get those things in place. Have fun. Download the resources below or hop on board, have a call with one of the team. They will specifically tailor everything in your business, to what we need to calibrate those things and make sure that you have the capacity to grow, without obviously burning yourself out.
So, get those things in place.

Have fun and of course, I’ll be seeing you in next week’s blog.

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Have fun implementing and I will see you soon.

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