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Magnetise Your Ideal Clients: The Essential Toolkit (updated!)

“The biggest change has been within myself. What I was doing a year ago has grown exponentially to what I’m doing now. I’m calling in my ideal client that sets my soul on fire… I’ve got a handful of amazing women that I’m working with and I’m moving online to do more of 1:many so I can work less time but give more of myself so I can actually be who I need to be to get these women I’m working with the most phenomenal results.”

Dani Strong

Vicky of the Life Empowerment Project

Helping people who help people…

People need coaching.  Everyone I’ve ever met who has experienced coaching has come out of it more fulfilled, more empowered - just genuinely a better human for it.  As a society we’re ready - we’re so overloaded and disconnected and are taking responsibility to change that. 

The problem is, that while we’re part of the fastest growing industry in the world, quality control is lacking. 

There’s a divide (controversy alert) between the people who can sell themselves, and the people who have huge talent in this space. 

The people who ‘sell’ well (read: market their services well, put themselves out there, scale businesses, etc) tend not to be the ones delivering the best services.

The ones delivering the best services tend to be plagued with doubt, struggling with strategy and just generally stuck when it comes to serving more people.

Now don’t get me wrong, there’s some crossover. But I’ve worked in this industry for 8 years, and experience tells me that not enough of the truly talented healers are being seen and experiencing the growth they deserve.

My mission with Life Empowerment Project is to help those people with the talent scale. That relies on 2 things: mindset and strategy - in that order.

By helping those business owners grow their business, the people in need of coaching get the service they deserve. They get the best coaches in front of them, and the best results. And the business owners get to fulfil their purpose.

I help business owners build a business that is authentic to them, their talents, and the people they serve. In that alignment, my clients serve more clients, generate higher revenue and create more time in their days - all while creating a phenomenal change in the world.

A few years ago, I imagined pulling $10-20K per month, and now it’s happening...The shift I made enabled me to talk about my work in a way that is so authentically true to myself and now clients come to me.

Songy Knox, Songy Knox Photography

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Buy One, Give One:

How We Make An Impact Beyond Coaching

Life gets more meaningful when you're focused more on what you can give.

With the growing team and greater responsibility to hit our income goals to pay wages and look after more people, my focus strayed from our impact goals.

With that, the business - and life - became way less fulfilling.  That wasn't what this business was created for!  Connecting with B1G1 (Buy One Give One) has reinvigorated my connection to WHY we do this, and allows us to reach globally to touch lives and give back.

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Magnetise Your Ideal Clients: The Essential Toolkit (updated!)

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