1 Word To Remove From Your Vocabulary To Instantly Skyrocket Productivity

In today’s blog we’re just going to get right down to the very basics. Something really simple you can do: just one word you can remove from your vocabulary for the next week, month, even years once you realise how effective this is.

This one word, when you realise what it is, you’ll really realise how often you hear it. There are all these occasions when you will hear ‘this that and the other’ and you’ll see it in people that they are not committed to getting the result – or maybe even that you’re not committed to getting the result.

It’s a simple 3 letter word.


“I’ll try and get that done for you.”

“Oh, you need that finished? I’ll try and get that done by the end of the day.”

All this does is set you up with a way out. Often it’s unconscious – we’re programmed to use it – but nevertheless, it sets you up with a ready-made excuse! Well…I did try!

We’re so used to hearing it and using it, and we never think anything of it. I’ll try. Meaning…I’ll put some effort it, but it won’t get done. As a boss, and as the woman in charge, what I’d love for you to do this week is to encourage (gently and kindly!) the people around you to drop that word from their vocabulary as well, as you do the same thing. No more trying. Because all that’s going to do is roll over into tomorrow’s activities. Ideally, you want to cut you r working hours short by becoming more productive. Part of that productivity is committing yourself to the results that you want to get.

No more ‘I’ll try and get that done’ or ‘I’ll try and fit that in this week’, or anything along those lines. Scrap the word entirely. Yes, I will get that done by the end of this week. This sets your mind up in a completely different way.   There’s no escape route, you are going to get that done.

What this does is increase your productivity, and so frees up more time for you. And that is what it’s all about. Free up time for you – it’s the reason you got into business! Get the results and at the same time, create more time to spend with the people you love.

It’s a really simple task – remove the word for at least a week. Notice what results you get, and the results that the people around you get when there’s no more try! Get the promise; no more ‘try’ – and those tasks will be delivered. It’s really simply, getting down to the basic fundamentals. Remove the word from your vocabulary and from your staff’s, for at least a week. I’ll be really keen to hear how you get on with this. I’d love to see you over on the Facebook page and let’s carry on the conversation. As always guys thank you for your time and I’ll look forward to hearing exactly how you get on this week. I want to see your productivity levels soar – your work hours decrease while you get more and more results in your hand, making the business work for you and creating more time for yourself. Take care and have an awesome week!


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