3 Common Pitfalls That Are Repelling Your Clients

Hello guys, I’m Vicky Murgatroyd from Life Empowerment Project and in this week’s blog, we’re going to discuss 3 Common Pitfalls That Are Repelling Your Clients.

One of the main things that I hear from women who I speak with, or who are on the program, is that they want to attract more clients.

Their primary reason for doing what they do is to create that impact and transform lives – so by getting more clients, you’re transforming more lives – simple as that!

However, there are some key things that are preventing you from not only attracting the clients but also bringing them on board after than initial attraction to you and your brand. Remembering that when the client comes on board to work with you, that’s really when you get your chance to change their life – to fulfil that mission of yours!

So this week, 3 Common Pitfalls That Are Repelling Your Clients – get rid of these and make the way much easier for you!


Number 1 of the 3 Common Pitfalls Repelling Your Clients:

Your state of being.

It’s your energy. When you’re brining your A-game, and I’m not talking you have to be over the top – I’m talking the authentic natural beautiful amazing version of you, then everything flows. Everything falls into line around that. You attract the right people for you, bearing in mind that you’re not here to serve everybody (and when you try to serve everybody, you serve nobody!). Bear in mind, your energy is everything – your vibe attracts your tribe.

As Gabby Bernstein says, “your vibe speaks louder than your words.”

When your vibe is right, your state of being is good, you’re connected grounded and inspired, things become easy. You’ll naturally attract clients.

When you’re not in that state, however, quickly pull yourself back in! Spend some time with you. There’s no point continually pushing from that space, because it takes you out of that beautiful feminine flow where you’re in your most authentic space – the priority when you’re out of sync is to take time for you – to understand what’s going on, what gets you back into flow and back into sync. For me, a walk on the beach does it every time. Be in nature, ground myself, and my state will shift quickly.

For you, it might be something different. I can guarantee the walk on the beach will definitely do some good, but it’s about finding what works for you! So your state of being is primary – that is number 1 – your vibe is going to attract your tribe and your vibe will speak a lot louder than your words do.

Get your state of being on point, and you’ll become a magnet for your ideal client.


Number 2 of the 3 Common Pitfalls Repelling Your Clients:

Your doubt speaks louder.

Again, it’s down to that vibe thing, but doubt is one of the serious roadblocks I come across in women.

Oh…erm….yeah…I think that this is the result that I get for my clients…


You need to be so rock solid in your certainty, that you can outweigh anyone else’s doubt with that level of certainty. Your clients are going to have doubt, and fear, and that’s ok, but you can guide them through that in your confidence and leadership, and in stepping up into that empowered position, your client will naturally know that you’re the one to fall in line behind!

When you go in with your doubt, it doesn’t matter how much you try to hide it, again with your words – your vibe is going to speak a lot louder as we just said, people will pick up on it. So calm that doubt by getting connected to your purpose and to your service, and know that what you have to offer is changing people’s lives. The more connected you are to that, the more certainty will come across and the more naturally you’ll attract all those people.

Of course, when you have that certainty, the bigger action you’re going to take. The more momentum you’ll create, the more your confidence is going to grow, and it’s just a beautiful snowball effect form there. Start with your certainty. Get clear on your product or service, clear on the outcomes, on who and how you serve; your certainty will just grow and you’ll become a magnet for your ideal clients.


Number 3 of the 3 Common Pitfalls Repelling Your Clients:

You’re not the showing the example they aspire to.

You need to BE the person they want to be.

When they see you everywhere, and you’re doing everything that they want to be doing, your ideal clients will naturally follow you – it will be easy to bring them on board, and help change their life. Again, you’ll be operating from that higher vibration so of course you’ll naturally attract them – and also attract that higher calibre of people who are ready to take the action and walk in your footsteps.

One of my coaches who is an amazing marketer, says that you’ll be basically marketing to people who are five years behind where you are in your journey. This is typical of the type of women that I serve, in that they’re always looking to help other people, and usually it’s from their own experience of course, because that’s where your experience is best used!

What do you want to see in your mentor to get you to that next level, and apply that to what your clients want to see in their mentor. For me, a lot of my clients want to see me doing speaking events, live videos, all kinds of things ‘in the public eye’. Again, it creates that up-level in me, that inspiration in me to be the example. It’s very very powerful – be what your clients want to be, and naturally you’ll attract them. But do it in your own way, in your authentic space and you will absolutely thrive. Again, you’re up-levelling your way of being, your action taking and only good things happen when you do that!


Let’s recap:

3 Common Pitfalls That Are Repelling Your Clients.

Number 1: Your state of being.

Absolutely huge. The higher level of vibration that you’re on and the more psotiviti you’re feeling, the more connection and inspiration, the more you’ll be a magnet for them


Number 2: Your doubt is repelling them.

It comes across –they can smell it on you! Get confident, get certain, get congruent with what you’re offering. Know that you’re here to change lives and operate from that space. They need you to step up into that leadership and they need it now.


Number 3: Be the person they want to be.

Be that shining example for them and they’ll come running to you!


I hope this has helped guys and remember to operate from that space that when you bring a client on board, you get to change their life. What an absolute honour and privilege that is. Let me know how you go with these tips, I would love to hear that you’ve brought some new clients on board!

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Thanks for watching guys, and I’ll see you in next week’s blog. In the mean time, live empowered and be inspired.




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