3 Steps To Overcome Any Business Freakout

This week I want to talk to you about a topic that we all come up against at some point. At multiple points infact throughout our business and that is business freakouts. So, specifically what to do when you’re having a business freakout. How to minimise it, how to move passed it in the easiest way possible without it affecting the entire of your week, month, year etc.

So, what to do when you’re having a business freak out.

Step One: when you’re having a business freak out, to get over it as quickly as possible you need to get objective. What we tend to do when we’re having a freakout -and these can come in many different formats- it might be about cash flow, it might be about clients. It might be around an awkward client that’s giving you grief, it might around staff members that are giving you trouble. Whatever the freakout is, it’s always relevant. The first step is to get objective.

Simple. We catastrophise. We make this into some big, huge deal and it becomes that everything is wrong. Nothing is fixable and it becomes a really huge problem, when in fact, it’s so miniscule in terms of the big picture, but we’ve lost that connection.

So first things first. Get objective.

What is actually wrong?

How are you responding to it? Separate things out so there’s the business and there’s you. Separate those things out and then you can look at the business rather than being within the emotion.

Part of our program that we take all of our entrepreneurs through is to do an emotional clear. The easiest way we get them to clear those old emotions and those old limitations and those old lack of self-belief is we get them to step out of themselves and observe the situation. That’s just a small part of the process but it is absolutely vital. The example that I always give at that stage, when I’m guiding them through this process is: say that you are a teenager. You’re in a shitty relationship and the guy’s a bit of a douche. Your wonderful friend is over here and she’s in the exact same situation you are. Her guy’s a douche, she is amazing. However, when you look at her relationship, you can see it for what it is. You know she deserves better. You know that she could treat herself with a lot more respect and you see it for exactly what it is. Then you look back at your relationship and the blinkers go on. You don’t see it for what it is because you’re too involved in the emotion.

That’s exactly what we do and we lose objectivity in our business as well. So the minute you can step back and observe the business, it separates you from the emotion. When there’s not the emotional charge you can see things as they are and the objectivity will provide you with results there was no way you were getting to when you were too stuck in that emotion.

So. Step one to get over your business freak out is to get objective. Step back and look at it as the observer.

Step Two: that I always take the clients through – if you are going to get over your business freakout as quickly as possible- is to connect back to that long-term vision. Now, as I’ve said, there’s going to be freakouts at every stage of the business journey and everything comes as ebb and flow. So, firstly providing yourself with the knowledge that there are going to be freakouts, there are going to be dips. There are going to be periods where everything’s amazing and you think it’s always going to be that way and then inevitably there’ll be a dip and then in that dip we think that it’s always going to be that way and it’s completely insurmountable. So, we’ll go back, we’ll get objective and then we get connected to the long-term vision. When I’m connected to short-term vision, those dips, those ebbs and flows that are completely natural, especially with the female energy, that will just alter throughout the month rather than year, all the time. So, when you can connect to the long-term vision those ebbs and flows seem much, much smaller and much more manageable than when you are connected to that short-term vision of needing to have it now, or needing to have the fix now or needing to have everything running perfectly now. It puts you in a state of panic and in a state of stress. When you’re in stress you can’t be in creation mode and you can’t be manifesting either.

So, pull it back.

Long-term vision.

And this is a question I always take myself back to: where am I going to be in 10 years time. For you it might be a shorter time period. It might be 5 years, it might be 2 years. But connect to that vision when you know everything’s going to be booming. I know I’m in this for good. I’m here, I love this space and I will continue to do everything it takes to develop and to provide our clients with the best service. So, when I think 10 years, if I can maintain that, which I will, when I know 10 years in the future everything’s going to be flowing. There’s going to be challenges, of course there is, but I know that vision’s going to happen. I can connect to that and what that does is it shuts of my stress response. I know it’s already on its way to me and that makes me much more comfortable to sit in the moment and enjoy it. Where I can shut off my stress response, I can enjoy my creativity, I can enjoy the fucking journey as a whole, which is what life is about anyway.

So, that long-term vision. Instead of feeling like you’re running up against these skyscraper problems that there’s no way of getting around, it just feels like a little bump in the road. That’s it. Small little bumps that are completely and utterly manageable.

So, Step Two, to get over your business freakout, is to connect to that long-term vision.

And finally, Step Three: to get over your business freakout as quickly and easily as possible…..is to surrender. Now, this is probably one of my biggest recurring lessons of how to do that. Because typically how I want to go when I get into any kind of problem situation is I want to tackle it and I want to deal with it straight away. But what that does, is put me in that state of force, in that state of push and I’ve talked about this quite a lot because I know loads of woman are experiencing the same thing.

When you’re in your natural feminine energy of flow and allowing and surrender, you can achieve way more, you’ll have way more time, way more space, way more love, way more magic in your life than when you’re in that push and that force. Now it is absolutely necessary that you have to have that ability to get into that space from time to time and it will serve you, but for short periods of time. Not long-term.

So, the key is, when there’s a business freakout, surrender and relax into it rather than trying to push and force and make it all happen, again, in that now moment, that desperation of needing it now, surrender to it. Now this is a much more intangible process of achieving it than it is anything I could give you a step by step guide to do it but just know, everything’s happening for you. Every single challenge. Now, when I look back on the journey -and same will be for you I bet- some of the biggest challenges that confronted me the most at the time and caused me the most stress and anxiety are the things that have equipped me best to be dealing with the stuff that I’m dealing with today.

I’ve gotten a lot stronger with those things, I’ve filled in a lot of gaps and I’ve built my character and my confidence up a lot because of that. Now if I can approach all my challenges with that mindset, that cool this is coming for a reason, there’s something for me to learn there, I’m going to connect with it. When I get that lesson, it’s going to be super valuable. It takes me out of that force and push and need and desperation and puts me way back into a receptive state where I can manifest, I can create, I can receive the lessons being sent to me straight away. Because again, the universe is going to knock and it’s going to knock louder and it’s going to kick your door down.

That lesson is meant for you and you can’t progress to the next stage until you fully internalise that and have really got that message on a whole new level.

So, surrender, again much more intangible process unfortunately. I’d love to give you a step by step but I’m still working on that myself, but get out of push mode, get out of force. Relax into it and create that time and space for you to get that lesson.

So, let’s recap.

Your three steps to get over the business freak out as soon as possible and as easily as possible…

Number One is to get objective. Step out of the situation and observe. You know you have amazing advice for other people. Now if you can step out of the situation, observe it from the outside you’ll have that same advice to give to yourself. It takes the emotion out of it and allows you to see everything as it is.

Number Two is: connect to that long-term vision. Stop needing things now. Stop needing things to work out now by connecting to that long-term vision -however long that is for you, for me it’s a ten year vision- that you always go back to, where you know everything’s working. You’ve already created everything that you want to create. Takes you out of push and gets you into flow.

And finally, Step Three to get you out of your business freakout is very simply, surrender. Don’t fight it. Don’t force it, the more you resist the more the problem persists. So, relax, surrender, allow and put yourself in a state where you can create time and space to allow that message to manifest for you. As soon as you get that lesson, the problem will disappear. You’ve got your lesson and that’s your pass to get through to the next level.

Okay, so now you’ve had your recap of the three steps to get you over your business freakout as easily as possible. I’m going to leave you with one final question. This is a question that I bring myself back to all the time and a question that I give to the clients as well because I see the same patterns occur in them as what would occur in me and it’s just across the board.

So, the question to bring yourself back and give yourself the best chance of getting out of your freakout as easily as possible is very simply, what is the most important thing for me to focus on right now? So, what tends to happen when we have a freak out is our attention gets drawn into whatever’s the cause. So, the root cause might be a problem with a client, it might be a cashflow issue, it might be whatever is cropping up for you at that period in your business. But what it tends to do is drain all of that energy. All of our focus goes there. It’s the first thing you think about when you wake up, you are constantly distracted by it during the day. It takes a hell of a lot of energy. So, simply to ask yourself and to bring yourself back to what is the most important thing for me to focus on right now. It takes all that stuff out of the equation and simplifies. It simplifies, it allows you to conserve all your energy, it allows you to put that “problem”, that freakout issue on the back burner while you can work through things. It doesn’t need to take all your focus or derail your entire business. What is the most important thing for me to focus on right now. Tune in and trust you because you’ve got every single answer that you could ever need.

So, I hope this helps.

Finally, to leave you on that note. Business freakouts. It happens to everybody and it happens not only once, not twice, it will happen consistently throughout your business journey and that’s completely fine. It’s always being sent for you to get to that next level for you to get the next lesson that you need, for you to make the next step in your progress. The freakouts are going to happen, but the answers are always there.

So, I hope this helps. Enjoy, implement and I will very much look forward to seeing you in next week’s blog. If you’ve loved this video please subscribe on youtube. Please share the video and help us get this message out to as many people as possible.

Big love. Thank you for watching and I’ll see you soon. Thankyou.

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