3 Ways Working On You Will Double Your Success This Year

3 Ways Working On You Will Double Your Success This Year

Hey ladies, I’m Vicky Murgatroyd from Life Empowerment Project, and today’s blog has come about as a result of an awesome question from a client who recently came on board with us. On our clarity call, when we checked out if she is ready, willing and right for the program, she asked us ‘How will working on me affect my success’ – so that’s what I want to share with you on today’s blog. 3 Ways Working On You Will Double Your Success This Year.

Firstly, I want to lay out, as always, that success to me – and everyone that we work with – is not limited to finances. It’s not limited to your income. It can be down to your happiness, your alignment to your purpose, your certainty within yourself, your peace of mind…whatever you’re experiencing. There’s a whole bunch of things! Your success is basically you living the life that you’re here to live, in every single aspect. And I know that your financial reward comes as a results of being in that mode, in that level of success and the fulfilment of all of your values.

You should know that you HAVE to be number one; you ar ehte most important thing. So let’s get into it.

The 3 Ways Working On You Will Double Your Success This Year.

#1. Working on you gets you into alignment.

You hear me talk about alignment a lot, and there is very good reason for that. Alignment is your foundations on which you are going to build your empire. Unless you’re aligned with your purpose, your goals, your mission, your values, there’s no way you’re going to be able to build that empire. You won’t be able to build a…bungalow! The point is, when you’re on purpose and aligned with your deepest and truest values and desires, anything is possible. Literally, the world will move around you so you can fulfil those. The key is, you’ve got to be conscious of them, you’ve got to be willing to remove the obstacles that get in the way.

The obstacles bring me to my second point. The second Way Working On You Will Double Your Success.

#2. You will remove the limiting beliefs you hold about yourself.
About success, about whatever it is, specifically, that is holding you back. We develop beliefs and our perceptions of the world at a very young age, that can often mean that these things are running unconsciously. However, the impact that has on the results that you can create and the life that you’re creating is incredible. I can’t stress that enough. To uncover those beliefs….I’ll give an example. Say if I thought being successful was impossible, or being a millionaire was impossible. Even if I’m not fully consciously aware that I hold that belief, it will massively impact the ability I have to be able to become a millionaire, or become successful. However, if I believe it is easy to make money, that also really impacts the outcomes that I’m going to get. Uncovering these limiting beliefs will absolutely double your success within no time. Every single effort you make becomes more results, for less effort! Stop pushing uphill, and start reaping reward from the work that you do within yourself. Bring yourself into alignment, uncover those limiting decisions – not only uncover, but dissolve/destroy, however you want to put it – by working on you, you’ll get rid of those limits and install new beliefs and new mindsets that really support your journey as you grow and as you reach for those new heights of success.

The third way Working On You Will double Your Success This Year, all comes down to your personal mindset.

#3. Your perception of yourself changes.

Your self-assurance, your self-belief, however you want to put it, working on you completely transcends your thinking. You know how much you are the creator of your reality when you work on you. Because you know how much working on you shifts the world around you. It’s something that can’t quite be explained to somebody who has never actually experienced it. It is so humbling and so inspiring at the same time and it completely blows your mind. When I first had work done on myself and I went in to this sceptically to say the least, it just blew me away how quickly shifting my internal ‘stuff’ shifted what I could achieve in my external world. I want that for everyone that I work with, and for everyone that gets to watch the videos…etc! It’s absolute liberty, total freedom – and it’s no more than you deserve!

To recap. The 3 Ways Working On You Will Double Your Success This Year.

You get into alignment – hone in on your purpose, your dreams, your goals…and you step into your true values, and bring that all together to bring you into alignment where you attract that life that you desire straight to you. And you do it with undying inspiration.

Second way in which Working On You Will Double Your Success This Year, is that you uncover your underlying limitations – your beliefs that are holding you back. It may be that you have no value on money, for instance – and we need to switch that up! Just anything that is limiting you, there are so many different limiting beliefs and your will be personal to you. The key is getting into your mind and finding what is not working for you, and changing to create something that will work for you!

And finally, you transcend your level of thinking completely. You double your self-belief, self-assurance, self-esteem and self-worth, and literally you create any possibility that you want. You know that you can do exactly that. Now, that is a belief that will support you! You’ll be unstoppable!

I’d love to know how you guys got on with today’s video, and let us know what you’d like to see more of. We’re super keen to give you what you need. That was an awesome question from our client, and I hope you got massive value out of it.

Working on you, putting you on the top of the list of your priorities will be the best thing you ever do. Not only for your business, but for your personal life as well. And that’s what it’s all about! Maximising on this opportunity you have to live the best life. Thanks very much as always for your time, I appreciate it’s the most valuable thing you possess, and I’ve loved seeing you here.

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