4 Habits Keeping Business Women Busy

Hello ladies and welcome to this week’s blog, I’m Vicky Murgatroyd and this week I want to get down into 4 Habits Keeping Business Women Busy.

This is the curse of the modern day woman – we are busy busy busy…but busyness is not bringing us in any results. So cut that off, find the peace in your life again, and get in that flow state where things really really work for you!


Habit Number 1 Keeping Business Women Busy:


How much time do we spend thinking about something before we act on it? We think about it – we think about it form this and that angle, we think who it might affect, we think what the consequence might be et cetera et cetera! When you actually know what you’re going to do, how you’re going to do it and what’s going to be the outcome straight away! It’s an immediate thing – trust your gut! We are so disconnected from our heart space because we are so stuck in our head. Over thinking. Playing it round and round on a loop in your head. It’s just procrastination! You’re getting into that state where you’re giving in to the fear. Get out of your head, follow your gut and go with it – and you’ll always be right! And even if you’re not, at least you’ve got four times as much done in that time where plenty of that will have been right.

Stop needing to have everything spot on and in line before you take any action. No more over thinking – act, and you’ll get the result!


Habit Number 2 Keeping Business Women Busy:

Putting everyone else first.

The kids come first, my employees come first, et cetera et cetera! Whoever happens to ring or drop by or interrupt in any way that they can, social media for instance! These days there are so many ways to contact you, and then we give up what we are wanting to do, the order and sequence of our day, and allow everybody lese to take precedent take take control of our time.

Take it back! Everybody else has a valid place in your life, but you are number 1. It doesn’t matter if you have kids, you’re teaching them how to adult and they need to know that it’s ok to put themselves first! That is the direction that is sustainable, brings you the result, and therefore creates more time for you to spend with the family! Keeping everybody else above yourself and allowing them to interrupt your daily flow, that is keeping you busy without getting you any results.


Habit Number 3 Keeping Business Women Busy:

Action, without it being a piece of the larger puzzle.

It’s all well and good doing our yearly and five yearly and ten yearly goals, but what you need to do is bring it back. I do my 90day vision – where I’ll be, what will have been done….and then it’s just a process of reverse engineering. It’s near in the future, fully tangible, I know exactly what has to be done and when, and therefore each piece of action I take is a step toward that goal. I’m not doing anything that doesn’t align with that, because it’s a waste of my time and it pulls me off track. It wastes my energy, again, without getting that result.

You tuning in to that 90day plan will be an absolute game-changer. Know where you’re going to be, who you have to be to complete it, and put those steps in.

You’ll have different categories within your business, I talk about this in our weekly calls with our gorgeous ladies on the program – know what has to be done instead of constantly running around trying to do everything, pick out the things that will make the difference. You can create much bigger results when you focus in on those action steps that will create them instead of trying to do everything all at once!


Habit Number 4 Keeping Business Women Busy:


Possibly my favourite one, as I have been known to get caught up in this from time to time and most certainly used to – rushing! We are always rushing. We’re always on that heightened state rushing around trying to get this done, and squeeze this in here…it’s rubbish! Stop! Slow down!

You know if you’re running late, for instance, you’re in the car and running late – I’ve heard this time and time again, it’s a great message. Take the time and breathe. It’s the whole Einstein time thing – the more stress there is in your body, the quicker time will fly and the later you will be!

When you actually consciously release that tension, re-centre yourself and focus yourself, you will create more time in your day.

One of the things I always tell women on the program – and I’m teaching you straight out of the program here – every morning, scan your body. Notice where there is tension and breathe into it until that tension is released, and I guarantee there will be way more time in your day. There is no way around it – you will create more time in your day as a result of that! And you deserve more time in your day!


So these are the 4 Habits Keeping Business Women Busy. Absolute game-changers when you shed them, because you don’t need to be busy to be successful.

One of the big ones I love to break in terms of beliefs with the women that I work with, is the link between being ‘busy’ and working hard being the thing that gets you the result. It does not need to be! You being in alignment, in flow, in this amazing state all the time guarantees that you get results – and it guarantees that you’re happier while you get the results you want! It’s a no-brainer!

Tony Robbins says 80% of success is mindset. It’s psychology. Get in flow! Move the things that aren’t working for you, get you centred and you’ll experience success on a whole new level…and more importantly, you’ll enjoy it!!

Busyness does not equal results, busyness equals burnout!

You deserve better, and the people who you’re here to serve deserve better too. So, enjoy implementing the changes there, and I’ll see you on next week’s blog. In the mean time, live empowered and be inspired.



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