5 Pillars of a Millionaire Mind

Hello lovelies! And welcome to this week’s blog, where we’re going to be getting into the 5 Pillars of the Millionaire Mind.

The Millionaire Mind is something that is talked about a lot at the minute. It’s all about the mindset of wealth creation, of keeping your wealth, of growing that business and living an extraordinarily abundant life.

So, the 5 Pillars of the Millionaire Mind.

These are 5 key things you have to have in place if you’re going to build wealth and create this extraordinary dream. There’s a lot of people who are on the fence about wealth – does it mean you’re greedy, does it mean this, or that?! THOSE are the things that have to be worked out before you can even establish those pillars fully.

If that’s you and you’re stuck in that zone, always get in contact! Let’s have a chat and help you shift those as soon as possible! When you have that money, because you’re already good and a fantastic person doing great things – that money just facilitates that growth even more. And that’s what it’s all about – creating that wealth to create that freedom for you and that massive impact that you’re here to make!

Pillar Number 1.


I talk about this a lot! So so so important – you are not going to create massive wealth and that millionaire mind, if you’re constantly bringing yourself down. You’re never going to bully yourself to success. Create that positive, supportive self-talk and be your best friend throughout your whole journey.

Pillar Number 2.


Successful people don’t fall into success, they create their lives around that will to be successful. There is no ‘off-days’, no days hwee you get up and think pff, I just can’t be bothered today. You creating that millionaire mind, that has to be one of the fundamental things you put in place – that ability to get beyond that, and your routines – those certain set of rituals you have that get you out of any negativity and into the absolute peak state of being to bring out the best of you day in, day out – that’s your way to the millionaire mind.

Pillar Number 3.


Just as I already alluded to, the discipline to do the things that you said you were going to do, even after you’ve lost that momentum and inspiration to do those things that you know are necessary and commit yourself. One of my coaches talks about that moment where you could give up, or you might just push through and do those tasks. When you push through and do those tasks, that’s where momentum comes in – that momentum that gets you in flow and has you at the end of the day, looking back thinking ‘I did it’ Even though I didn’t want to, I did it!’

That’s the discipline of a millionaire mind.

Pillar Number 4.


That ability to get yourself into something – you’ve seen the outcome already and you’re 100% committed to it.

I read an awesome awesome paragraph, years ago that has always stuck with me, in T. Harv Eker’s Secrets Of A Millionaire Mind. It was all about you committing to that goal. Rich people, he says, go into a business situation, for example, with the commitment to create a millionaire outcome for themselves. Poor people go in and they dip a toe in and they edge and they’re not so sure, and they don’t ever fully commit themselves. When you’re not fully committed, when you’re not all in, the Universe is not going to reward you for doing that! So commitment is step number 4.

And finally…

Pillar Number 5.

Unwavering Determination.

Having that clear goal and just knowing nothing else is going to take you away from that. You will create that outcome – and be completely resourceful in your determination to create that outcome.


Being completely committed and already believing you have done it! Having that mindset and that total and utter immersion in the goal and belief in yourself, gives you the determination to see it through no matter what.


To recap: the 5 Pillars of the Millionaire Mind.

Number 1: Self-talk. Support yourself to that millionaire mindset!

Number 2: Routines. Have a ritual for yourself that gets you in peak state, so you can bring your A-game and the best version of you every single day.

Number 3: Discipline. Do it, no matter what. Do not allow yourself to get distracted. Do not allow yourself to waiver off course, to slob out watching TV or give up on your dreams! The discipline to follow through and actually make that happen!

Number 4: Commitment. Absolutely all-in, 100% – there’s no way you’re going to fail!

Number 5: Unwavering Determination. You will make this happen!


As soon as you can establish all those habits, the thought patterns that are supporting you, everything else falls into place around you. That is the millionaire mind! And only with the millionaire mind, will you create that millionaire bank account!

Everything else is just allowed to slip through your fingers day in day out. When you commit yourself, get that determination behind you, create those routines, and support yourself internally, those external results are an absolute inevitability. And…it’s what you deserve!

That was your 5 Pillars of a Millionaire Mind.

If you’ve got value out of this, please share it! We want to get this message as wide as possible!

Most importantly, start putting those pillars into place! Only with implementation are you going to create any change within your life. And we can’t wait for you to create those results that you deserve so so much!

Any questions, as always, let’s get on a call, have a chat and get those pillars established in your life! Get the freedom that will allow you to create that huge impact that you’re here to make. It’s our mission to help you get there!

As always thank you for your time, and I can’t wait to see you guys in next week’s blog.


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