When you're busy with clients (and home life, family, attempts at socialising, etc!) it's essential that you spend your time doing the right growth activities within your business.

This requires a tailor-made plan for your business, that suits your needs and goals for your life as well as the business.

And as I said, I know you're busy and time is of the essence, so if I can't give you a specific plan for your business that will allow you to add $50-100K in revenue over the coming 12 months, I'll give you your money back.

I have only 5 of these sessions available due to my own busy schedule, so please ensure you're already seeing plenty of clients on a regular basis, and generating great results with them.

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In this session you will get a personalised business plan that will:

  • Allow you to add $50-100K to your income in the next 12 months
  • Show you which 'leverage tool' will help you to create that growth without any more hours required each week
  • Demonstrate, in detail, which growth strategy will provide the biggest return for the least time input
  • The 1% changes you can implement this quarter so you can see that return as quickly as possible

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I'll break down how YOU can add $50-100K to your business in the coming 12 months - and if I can't, I'll give you your money back.

Results, Results, Results

Chloe. Australia.

Learning to focus my mind and energy was a huge shift and from that it was a carry on effect - huge amounts of clients coming through the door, clients staying and clients happy! We’ve tripled our client base - within the first six months we doubled them and in the last six months it’s almost doubled again...now we are opening a second studio.

-Breathe Pilates -

Ali. Australia.

Vicky's energy, knowledge and passion for her clients is absolutely amazing.  Her caring but no bullsh*t attitude and approach is exactly what I needed to push me through barriers and achieve more than I could have imagined.”

Dani. Australia

The biggest change has been within myself. What I was doing a year ago has grown exponentially to what I’m doing now. I’m calling in my ideal clients that set my soul on fire… I’ve got a handful of amazing women that I’m working with and I’m moving online to do more of 1:many so I can work less but give more of myself to the women I'm working with so they can achieve phenomenal results.

How To Add Another $50-100K To Your Business In The Next 12 Months (or your money back!)

Yes, Show Me How!

Who Is Vicky Murgatroyd?

After building a successful practice working 1:1 with clients and creating excellent results, Vicky realised that hitting the goal she’d worked so hard for was actually just hitting a ceiling. Continuing on the way she was going, there was no way to grow - and burnout wasn’t far away.

So began a 2 year journey to fine tune how to keep delivering such great results with her clients, in a way that would allow her to keep growing and growing - reaching more people and making a bigger impact.

2 years after that and Vicky has a team of her own and helps her clients achieve the same kind of growth in their own businesses, and leverage them so they work for them and not the other way around.

Here she’s sharing with you the process she went through to achieve such huge business growth - so you can do it in your own way, in much less time.

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"At first they'll ask you why you're doing it. Later they'll ask you how you did it".

Yes, Show Me How!

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