Biggest Learnings From Running My First Retreat!

Hey Guys I’m Vicky Murgatroyd from Life Empowerment Project.

This weeks blog we’re going to get into my latest experience. We have just finished yesterday’s retreat, our first retreat that’s been included in the Awakened Entrepreneur our transformational form of the program. The learnings of course, is why I do what I do, is to share as much learnings as I can. There have been may learnings, it has been an amazing amazing amazing experience and I want to share it because I think it’s one of the most beautiful ways that we can connect with people, we can create and we can help that message spread even further.

The biggest learnings I have from doing my first retreat with my clients are:

Number one: Make people feel special.

That is the key thing if you want people to walk away happy. You really key into their values about what the need, what they want and over deliver in every possible way. We had some great fun, some great activities, some really beautiful sharing and obviously, some huge business development stuff as well.

Then we went out for dinner on the Monday night, the first night so we could all bond and get together in a non-business sense. I surprised the guys with Champaign and a limo for us just to take it to the next level, I really wanted them to feel special. The more special you feel about yourself the bigger things you are able to do. You are able to access a lot more of your resources, you can create a lot more flow. So make people feel special in whatever way that means for you and your clients.

Number Two: Organisation.

Now, it’s been a really busy time at Life Empowerment Project, but that’s no excuse, should we say. It’s been interesting knowing how much actually goes into the organisation, luckily enough I had my wonderful partner with me to help out with a lot of the running of everything, but the organisation can most definitely being pre prepared to a lot of the extent. I think you get busy, you put things off and there’s a lot of stuff that could have been done and a lot of stuff that I simply couldn’t have done if she hadn’t been there with me so it makes a huge difference to have that organisation to plan out exactly what you want to be delivered in what section, in what part and know that you can’t possibly deliver it all especially if you are working on that over delivery stuff.

Make sure that you have support with you so you can deliver the best service because obviously that’s why your clients are coming to you.

Number Three: Self care is absolutely massive.

Because we have had a busy time, we have been in the hiring process, we have loads of exciting stuff going on, I hadn’t been slowing down enough. I had planned on (in advance) taking the full weekend off, really look after myself, really take some time and then with the whole hiring thing and with the organisation stuff that had to be done there was just no time for me to do it.

So self-care is massive, so that again plays in with your organisation. If you can get things ready in advance, take that care of yourself beforehand and if you are in introvert like I am, you’re going to need some extra energy for the day’s because it’s very draining to be in that space and over delivering continually.

Make sure that’s a non-negotiable, just like your days of delivery are non-negotiable. Make sure your days beforehand are non-negotiable for you to have and to recharge you in whatever way works for you.

Probably my favourite learning of the whole thing and the most humbling, the most I’m grateful for is that you can do it but it takes those small steps to get exactly where you want to be. Now if you had said to me two years ago you’d be renting an amazing house in an amazing place and bringing amazing women together and leading three days of amazing content and beautiful connections, there would have been no way that I could have connected with that, there would have been just no way but we have taken the small steps that built to that level.

When we think about the big dreams that we have for our lives and I know if you are reading this then you have a big dream for your life it’s way too easy to get overwhelmed by it, it’s way too easy to think “oh but that will never happen for me” or “how will it ever happen for me”.

Focus on those little steps you can take day by day. Focus on the client attraction stuff. Focus on being the best version of you. Focus on providing the best service that you possibly can and you will be living your dream and exceeding them in no time.

You do amazing things but if you’re constantly waiting for the bigger things to happen you miss the point. You miss the whole beauty of what you are creating here. So focus in on you, what do you want and know that those tiny little steps are what it’s going to take for you to get there and you will get there so long as you commit to taking those tiny little steps and I promise you, having been in absolute tears of gratitude about everything that has gone on this week, it is worth every single time you face your fear, you do something outside of your comfort zone, you do something that absolutely terrifies you in the past that it’s all worth it, it’s all so unbelievably worth it.

So those are my learnings for you guys. I hope that it’s helped. I hope that you can take it and make it your own and I hope that you make something absolutely extraordinary that makes you heart burst with gratitude. You deserve it and the world deserves it too. Share if you have enjoyed it and I would love you to spread the message as wide as possible. In the meantime, before next week’s blog, live empowered and be inspired.

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